How to do SEO on your personal social media account on social networks

Gadget Time / Suggestions | Aug 22, 2023

When they say SEO most people think of promoting a web address in search engines or social networks. They want that web address to appear before their direct competitors. Very few people use reverse SEO. Search engines and social networks to show them high quality information more often. Information to help them improve.

Since this obsession with protecting personal data in the online environment began, no one has explained to us what we have to lose if we continue to choose an extreme. No one came forward to explain to us that the future always belonged to those who quickly adapted to new tools and not to those who isolated themselves behind temporarily effective protection systems.

In the absence of reliable information about the difference between personal data and cookies, many people have chosen to isolate themselves online. They installed various protection programs and became mere observers. Interact with a small group of people. I don’t like. I don’t write comments. Do not distribute. I’m watching. I read. I call them “simple observers”. They call themselves “discreet people”.

If you are interested in this topic, I think you already know what a cookie is. Out of respect for my time and yours, I will dwell on just one detail. I believe that no matter what online protection measures you take, some information about your behavior in front of the monitor will still be transmitted. They will be retrieved anonymously in order to generate certain statistics. Nobody cares that individual X at a certain address is interested in personal development. But the ratio of watchers to thinkers is extremely valuable information. Only the collection of information of low importance can be blocked.

Do you know you can use your online history to your advantage?

The expression “like attracts like” is also valid in the online environment. If you are among the lucky people who have a certain passion in your online friends directory are people who have the same passion. Correct? Share information. You support each other. Discuss the new appearances. The new appearances? Have you ever watched how you hear about new releases? Did you read with friends? Have you read in certain websites? Or have you found what a social network has shown you based on the information it knows about your passion?

Let’s take an example. Among a community with the same passion, an extremely interesting piece of information appeared. It generates thousands of discussions. But no one in your community has a connection to that community. You do not know about those discussions. You will only know when someone in your immediate vicinity hears and posts a message. But what if your online history is public and contains data about this passion? The social networks you are active on will definitely recommend that news to you. You will be among the first to know.

We were urged to beware. I recommend that we become friends. I recommend that we become allies. Let’s learn how to use new technology tools to move forward together.

At the public level, the data collected in the online environment is used to recommend information of maximum interest. An information. A road to the destination. A restaurant. A school. Everyone who uses these tools effectively has an advantage.

SEO on personal social media account on social networks

The most important thing is to be active and interact with people with whom you share passions. Give up the attitude of a mere observer. Start giving thanks. With a like. With a comment. With a distribution. The more you interact with certain people, the more often your messages will be posted to their feed and the more often their messages will appear in your feed. The more you interact with posts about a certain topic, the more your passion will be known.

If you constantly use an online search engine, I recommend you to be connected to your personal Google account. You will be surprised by the differences in the display of results. The clearer our online profile is, the closer the results we get will be to what we want. Current SEO of websites is increasingly based on the profile of the person looking for a certain information.

In an increasingly competitive market, every detail counts. We are simultaneously providers and consumers of information in the online environment.