ZEEKR 009 is Next in Line for Mobileye SuperVision™

Nov 13, 2022

Luxurious electric MPV follows up on the success of the ZEEKR 001, showcasing the differentiated capabilities of Mobileye’s most advanced driver-assistance system.

here’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. (If there were, we might all be driving the same car.) But one solution can take many forms to suit different needs and tastes. Case in point: Mobileye SuperVision™ and its latest application in the ZEEKR 009.

The second model from Geely’s premium electric mobility technology brand (following the ZEEKR 001), the new 009 takes the form of an upscale, all-electric multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). It has ample room for six in its high-tech, luxurious cabin. Its dual electric motors and surprisingly low drag coefficient of 0.27 help the ZEEKR 009 accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) of 4.5 seconds. And its available 140-kWh battery pack delivers a claimed 822 kilometers (511 miles) of driving range between charges.

It utilizes a large, single-piece die-cast aluminum rear body, which increases torsional stiffness and limits deformation in the event of an impact. And, with Mobileye SuperVision, it offers cutting-edge driver-assistance technology.

Cutting-Edge Highway Assist

Like the ZEEKR 001, the new 009 incorporates our most capable and advanced driver-assistance system, derived directly from our autonomous-vehicle development program.

Mobileye SuperVision includes such features as autonomous lane changing, adaptive cruise control, comprehensive surround emergency assist, advanced traffic sign and light recognition, front and rear collision avoidance, and evasive maneuver assist. This highly advanced feature set is supported in the ZEEKR 009 by a high-resolution surround-view camera array, two of our EyeQ™5 High chips, and our RSS-based driving policy.

With over-the-air software updates, the already advanced capabilities of Mobileye SuperVision can be further upgraded as development progresses. In fact, Mobileye and ZEEKR recently rolled out just such an update to over 50,000 ZEEKR 001s already in the hands of customers.

Reinforcing the value of our technology, ZEEKR is highlighting its SuperVision-based Navigate-on-Pilot point-to-point assisted-driving system in the ZEEKR 009 with a special pre-order promotion.

Expanding Vision

ZEEKR aims to commence delivery of the new 009 in China starting in January 2023. Once it does, the ZEEKR 009 will become both the second model in the premium brand’s lineup, and the second vehicle to bring Mobileye SuperVision to market. But we’re only beginning to tap the potential of this highly advanced solution.

Less than two months ago, Mobileye and Geely announced an expanded collaboration that will see Mobileye SuperVision incorporated into additional models from ZEEKR and into three further brands under the Geely Group umbrella. And Geely, of course, is just the first major automaker to adopt Mobileye SuperVision for its most advanced models.

Mobileye (Nasdaq: MBLY) leads the mobility revolution with its autonomous driving and driver-assistance technologies, harnessing world-renowned expertise in computer vision, artificial intelligence, mapping, and data analysis. To date, more than 125 million vehicles worldwide have been built with Mobileye technology inside.