Xiaomi Holds MWC Workshop to Show How Game Partnership Can Give Exposure to Millions of MIUI Users

Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Department (IIB), the global strategic internet business arm of the Chinese smartphone company, recently held a workshop at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which took place in Barcelona, to demonstrate how its MIUI platform can give game developers exposure to millions of potential global users.

As part of the workshop, members of the IIB team demonstrated how a partnership in this area, which would see games being promoted through Xiaomi’s official app store, GetApps, can truly benefit developers. While in Europe, IIB’s team also visited a series of game developers in the UK, Germany, and France to explore opportunities in game partnerships.

IIB’s solution is based on a very simple logic at its core: Firstly, as part of the smartphone manufacturer, IIB is able to accurately recommend a game to its target audience during app distribution; secondly, with system-level resources, IIB is capable of generating all kinds of exposure in Xiaomi’s MIUI system for a game, which will gain user attention effectively; thirdly, the user traffic of MIUI is significant. By Q3 of 2022, the monthly active users of MIUI had surpassed 563 million globally.

From a technical perspective, the process for developers to partner with IIB is also simple: to integrate with Xiaomi SDK, and to launch the game on Xiaomi’s GetApps, then IIB will take care of everything. The revenue share policy of IIB is developer-friendly, compared with other competitors in the industry, and the pricing is flexible. In this business model, the ROI of developers will always be higher than 1, so developers will never have to worry about net loss in the collaboration.

More importantly, IIB has established a powerful payment infrastructure for all the mobile games running on MIUI, which covers over 400 payment channels in more than 100 markets, allowing users to purchase in the games seamlessly.

Xiaomi’s partnership with the popular mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) shows exactly what IIB can attribute to user growth for game developers. With the collaboration with IIB, MLBB was onboard in GetApps with premium resources, including push, banner, and open splash, and the promotion had driven new installs per day to 10 times higher than before.

“Our gaming collaboration with Xiaomi’s IIB has been a great success, thanks to the company’s huge user base, as well as its accurate and efficient distribution and promotion of MLBB. We look forward to continuing working with Xiaomi’s IIB to expand to more markets, and expanding the reach of our outstanding mobile game to a wider audience,” said Xin Zhang, Director of Game Intermodal, MLBB.

“The game partnership has been proven to be very successful in China and Southeast Asia. We could gain 5 million impressions by pushes and banners in Indonesia alone. That’s why we would like to offer the same service to game developers from other regions, especially Europe, to help local developers to achieve great success. Together we can build a rich ecosystem of mobile entertainment, and bring happiness to people all over the world.” Said Chan Liu, General Manager, International Internet Business Department, Xiaomi.

Game developers and marketers can visit global.developer.mi.com/home for more information.

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May 28, 2023