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VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer measure your temperature in seconds

Feb 22 2015

VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer for Health and Fitness. This kid-friendly thermometer sticker is made from our soft and flexible eSkin™, providing a comfortable and unobtrusive wearable platform.

VivaLnk’s proprietary eSkin™ technology enables thin, soft, and stretchable electronic patches that can unobtrusively and comfortably adhere to the human body, incorporate sensors, and wirelessly connect to mobile devices and the cloud, providing useful data on human body function.

VivaLnk was originally founded in 2014 by a team with considerable experience and expertise in flexible electronics, material processing, and system/IC design. The company has filed numerous fundamental eSkin™ processing and device structure patents. eSkin™ is a registered VivaLnk trademark.

VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer

VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer overview

Taking a child’s temperature can cause anxiety for both child and parent, leading us to create a solution that makes temperature reading fun and interactive for kids and hassle-free for parents. However, don’t be fooled by the eSkin™’s simple appearance. Underneath the soft exterior lies a highly delicate and highly intricate network of sensors that can accurate and safely read your child’s temperature.

VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer

VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer features

What makes our thermometer better than traditional or current thermometers? It’s all in the eSkin™. Our proprietary eSkin™ isn’t just made to provide comfort for your child. It also helps provide the most accurate temperature reading without being invasive. Traditional thermometers are able to provide accurate readings by entering the human body, or placing the thermometer on the skin for a long period of time. Our eSkin™ is what allows our thermometer’s sensors to have close proximity to the skin, ensuring the most accurate reading. In addition to easy location placement our thermometer is composed of multiple sensors, giving it exponentially more accurate data at only a fraction of the cost of other thermometers.

Tappi Features
• Fast temperature reading
• Customizable alerts
• Soft, breathable, and kid-friendly shape
• Free and interactive phone app
• Close proximity to skin allows for accurate reading
• Multiple use for up to a year
• Water resistant, safe for cleaning
• Adhesive cleaning pad
• Displays readings in both Fahrenheit

VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer specifications

Design Evolution of Tappi
We are currently designing the cutest, most kid-friendly shape for Tappi, drawing inspiration from classic animal favorites. For instance, the timeless Teddy Bear. Or a Puppy, the traditional Kid’s Best Friend. Have a favorite design? Let us know and contribute to the final Tappi design!

VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer

Supporting Mobile App
This product works with NFC devices only. We are currently building a supporting mobile app for your Android phone for a fast, 3 second temperature read. It is currently not available for iOS platforms.

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