Transforming Digital Workspaces: Lenovo Unveils New Devices and Software to Power the Future of Hybrid Work

Introducing New Ground-breaking 3D Monitor, High-Quality Audio Headsets, Accessories, and Device Manager Software Updates

Lenovo is unveiling new cutting-edge tech tools and essentials tailored to empower the dynamic, evolving needs of today’s business end-users. The new monitor, software, and accessories are not only designed to boost the capabilities of today’s remote and hybrid workforces, but also to address significant challenges faced by businesses as they digitize operations across departments. Lenovo research shows that managing a remote workforce and global teams remain central tasks for CIOs.1 That’s why the new offerings integrate impressive processing power, immersive 3D, and advanced security to create a unified, human-centered experience.

  • For professional content creators who require immersive 3D visualization, the new ThinkVision™ 27 3D Monitor – a stunning 27-inch, glasses-free, 2D/3D compatible monitor – offers seamless 3D effects and real-time eye-tracking.
  • The new Lenovo Wired VOIP Headset and Lenovo Wired ANC Headset Gen 2 are high-quality audio solutions for professionals in hybrid work environments, include an inline call control box, active noise cancellation with the latter, and compatibility with popular conferencing platforms.
  • For remote work and to support sustainability efforts, the cloud-based Lenovo Device Manager will roll out enhanced new features that include a comprehensive AI-powered energy management solution that efficiently manages device fleets and optimizes power usage.
  • To round out the new line-up are a selection of sophisticated and comfortable backpacks, the Lenovo ThinkPad Professional 16inch Backpack Gen 2,​ and the ThinkPad Professional 16inch and 14inch Topload Gen 2.

“In an increasingly dynamic hybrid and remote work landscape, the notion of ‘one-size-fits-all’ tech solutions is no longer viable. Research shows that more than half2 of CIOs are investing in digital transformation, where employers and employees alike are seeking the right tech tools that don’t just meet the minimum spec requirements but can provide the flexibility and convenience to catalyze both productivity and collaboration,” said Johnson Jia, senior vice president of Intelligent Devices Group’s Global Innovation Center at Lenovo. “The new devices and software that we’re unveiling today are integral elements of a unified ecosystem that harnesses potent processing power, immersive visualization, and adaptive software. Together they open up the possibilities of what tech can do for better work and a better team experience.”

ThinkVision 27 3D Monitor: A Stunning 27-Inch Glasses-Free 3D and 2D Compatible Monitor

As more of our work and personal lives move into the digital sphere, the powerful combination of display, computing and manufacture technology has propelled the 3D ecosystem into an exciting new phase. There’s a growing need among content creators and professionals for more lifelike remote collaborations and a more streamlined process for creating 3D content, from 3D graphic design and 3D games to 3D videos. In response, Lenovo is introducing the ThinkVision 27 3D monitor, a trailblazing 27-inch screen that offers 2D/3D compatibility without the need for glasses, designed for more immersive creation, connection, and collaboration.

The ThinkVision 27 3D monitor is made to be a seamless progression, merging immersive life-like experiences with ease of use. It provides a captivating 3D experience without the need for 3D glasses. Paired with real-time eye-tracking for fluid motion, its switchable lenticular lens offers more natural 3D viewing experiences.

The ThinkVision 27 3D Monitor can dramatically elevate productivity by reducing the need for additional computing power for 3D rendering, while giving a consistent user experience across both 2D and 3D modes. The precision of 4K clarity combined with professional dual 99% color accuracy (DCI-P3, Adobe RGB) makes this monitor the ideal tool for professional content creators. The 3D monitor projects two independent images to the user’s eyes, so that each eye sees the subject from a slightly different angle. This process delivers crisp stereo vision and depth perception in a natural and efficient stereoscopic visualization. The ThinkVision 27 3D Monitor is also loaded with built-in speakers and connectivity options, including USB-C® docking and modular camera support, providing expanded functionality and effortless charging.

Combined with its 3D Explorer software, the new 3D monitor forms a comprehensive ecosystem for 3D creation and consumption. The solution offers an easy platform for users to access all their 3D apps3, together with the capability to optimize work and comfort, while enhancing control and efficiency. The 3D Explorer platform arms creators with useful tools such as a 3D player for viewing videos and files with 3D effects, support for design and productivity software, and an SDK for developers to build 3D applications. New features will continue to upgrade over time to enhance and extend the 3D experience, pushing the boundaries of 3D digital interaction while providing a gateway into a vibrant and expanding 3D ecosystem.

Lenovo’s Pro-level Headsets: Stay Focused and Collaborate from Anywhere

Knowledge workers continue to need better audio experiences for connectivity or concentration as employees work from anywhere – whether at a noisy office, at home, or somewhere in between. Lenovo’s new professional headsets with smooth sound quality and snug comfort are designed for the hybrid world of conference calls – certified for Microsoft Teams™, Zoom™, and optimized for other select leading platforms. Lenovo Wired VOIP Headset and Lenovo Wired ANC Headset Gen 2 share a consistent form factor design and feature an inline call control box for easier use. Its USB-C plug (with USB-A adapter) offers more compatibility and replaceable ear cups enhance user comfort. The latter also prioritizes Active Noise Cancellation, thanks to the virtual elimination of distracting ambient noise.

Lenovo Device Manager: Empowering Remote Work with Enhanced Energy Management Features

Lenovo is expanding the capabilities of its Lenovo Device Manager, a cloud-based, zero-touch quick-deployment solution designed to empower organizations in effectively managing their device fleet. The latest scalable enhancements include more secure remote scanning and updating of Windows BIOS, drivers and firmware, along with centralized power management capabilities for the entire fleet.

Launching in phases, Lenovo Device Manager’s power management features are now conveniently consolidated into a single page. The initial phase allows the management of eligible Windows PCs and SmartEdge devices. Additionally, a PeakShift feature will be introduced for Lenovo ThinkPad devices, automatically switching power to the battery during peak hours. Subsequent phases will introduce Lenovo Device Manager with Power Management (configuring sleep/hibernate settings) and a Dashboard widget, forming a comprehensive, AI-powered energy management solution.

To further aid businesses in understanding their energy consumption patterns and potential cost savings, Lenovo Device Manager will offer an energy cost savings report, resulting from scheduled usage and power management operations. Leveraging AI capabilities, the system helps enable each device to receive an optimized power management operation.

ThinkPad Professional 16inch Backpack Gen 2

Crafted from high-quality lightweight materials with 70% of external materials made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), it’s designed to keep laptop and accessories safer and organized. A spacious main compartment and a dedicated cushioned compartment fits laptops up to 16 inches. Four additional pockets keep essentials organized and a smart cable slot enables on the go charging4, with a travel-friendly luggage strap for easy transport.

ThinkPad Professional 16inch and 14inch Topload Gen 2

Topload cases provide a lightweight and rugged way of carrying a laptop and essential accessories without the bulk of larger backpacks. The 16inch and 14inch cases are made from more sustainable premium materials with respectively 89% and 88% exterior materials made from recycled PET. Both cases offer multiple pockets for effective organization, a padded shoulder strap and a luggage strap to easily slot onto cabin luggage. The 16-inch version also includes a large main compartment in addition to a separate laptop compartment and adds a smart cable slot for on-the-go charging.4

And now, by connecting the Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola with any Lenovo monitor via a USB-C cable5, users will have access to the Windows 365 cloud6 capabilities to use the full suite of Microsoft apps from wherever they’re working to assist their workflow, review documents, and more. Together, all these solutions go beyond just high-performance computing — they aim to move professional workspaces forward, inspiring creativity and fostering collaboration in complementing the way businesses operate and individuals work in the modern era.

EMEA Pricing and Availability7

The Lenovo ThinkVision 27 3D Monitor will start at €2,999 (VAT included) and is expected to be available in select markets starting February 2024.7
The Lenovo Wired VOIP Headset will start at €49.99 (VAT included) and is expected to be available starting October 2023.7
The Lenovo Wired ANC Headset Gen 2 will start at €129.99 (VAT included) and is expected to be available starting October 2023.7
Lenovo Device Manage is available $12 per device per year in North America, Latin America, and China now. It will be available in EMEA starting November 2023.7
The Lenovo ThinkPad Professional 16inch Backpack Gen 2​ will start at €84 (VAT included) and is expected to be available starting December 2023.7
The Lenovo ThinkPad Professional 16inch and 14inch Topload Gen 2 cases will start at €79 (VAT included) and €54 (VAT included), respectively, and are expected to be available starting October and December 2023.7

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