The journey of an Event Marketer at ASUS

Gadget Time / Press Releases / ASUS | Dec 16, 2022

Hi Jun, could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Jun Hung and I am from Taiwan. I’ve been an Event Marketer at ASUS for one year.

Why did you choose to come to ASUS?

I chose to come here because ASUS is a world-famous technology brand and I wanted to grow my experience in the technology industry. Additionally, the employees at the company are very culturally diverse, and you have the chance to interact with people from all over the world. I also wanted to work at a Taiwan-based company with an easy commute to the office. As its headquarters is located in an urban area of Taipei, ASUS was the perfect fit for me.

What did you imagine when you joined and how have things turned out?

I was expecting to work on lots of challenging projects. And I was right, every project I have been a part of has been very challenging and fun for me. We try to create the highest quality outcomes for every project, meaning we have to push the boundaries of our creativity and imagination so that we can achieve the incredible. Working here at ASUS has been a journey of exploration into who I am and what I want to achieve in my life, both professionally and personally. It has helped me grow and develop in all sorts of positive ways.

What do you like the most at ASUS?

ASUS understands the significance of keeping employees’ work exciting, interesting, challenging, and meaningful. Moreover, everyone at ASUS is open-minded. We’re open to any kind of discussion or debate, and this helps to activate our creative thinking. This freedom to discuss and imagine without limits, makes our workdays more colorful.

How would you describe working in Event Marketing?

As a member of the Event team, we are responsible for every aspect of event planning and execution. It starts with measuring the event’s objectives, coordinating what products are launching, and understanding our target audience. This leads to the proposal of the event theme, followed by all the event details. Most importantly, we need to maintain the event budget, make sure every detail is in order, and deliver everything on time. Working in Event Marketing at ASUS is full of challenges and unexpected situations that you can’t plan for. But, I think that’s the most fun part of the work and what makes me grow the most.

ASUS ranks as one of Fortune’s 2022 World’s Most Admired Companies. From your perspective, what makes ASUS a great workplace?

I would say that ASUS offers every employee a great salary and generous employee benefits, like bonuses, e-coupons, ASUS product discounts, and so on. Moreover, we have two fully-equipped gyms and a swimming pool at our headquarters, so we can keep fit and be more efficient during our working -hours.

Which project are you most proud of working on during your time here at ASUS?

I’d say that being the coordinator for the ROG Phone 6D Ultimate launch event is the project I’m most proud of. The ROG Phone 6D Ultimate is powered by the latest flagship MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ 5G chipset. This was the first collaboration between ASUS ROG and MediaTek. I really enjoyed co-working with MediaTek and our social, product marketing, and design teams, we discussed every detail about the event and had to brainstorm a lot during the preparation. This was such a great experience.

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