Taiwan Web Service Partners with Pegatron to Enable 5G Private Cloud Enterprise Service

Apr 25, 2023

ASUS today announced a collaboration between Taiwan Web Service (TWS) and Pegatron to introduce 5G O-RAN open architecture solutions into TWS 5G AI-Ready mobile edge cloud platform and AIHPC public cloud service. The key focus and targeted global 5G cloud vertical market will be smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart healthcare, smart transportation, cultural innovation, education and entertainment.

The Pegatron O-RAN open-architecture solution supports O-RAN O1, E2 open interfaces and 3GPP standard interfaces for O-RAN compliant cloud deployments in the TWS 5G AI-Ready mobile edge cloud platform, and it provides high availability, high scalability and high-performance 5G network coverage for a complete 5G private cloud service. The end-to-end 5G cloud solution will bring customers whole new 5G cloud premium service experience.

“The 5G AI-Ready Platform offers a variety of vertical integration services and workloads that not only lower the barrier to enable cross-domain technology for enterprises, but also reduce the system integration and implementation time and cost, helping enterprises to have one-stop digital transformation and boost enterprise innovation with subscription-based cloud services,” said Peter Wu, CEO of ASUS Cloud and TWS.

Chen-Yu Feng, President of Pegatron’s 6th Business Group, added, “The 5G industry is entering a period of acceleration. We are very pleased that TWS and Pegatron have worked together to provide cloud-native 5G infrastructure. By leveraging the 5G private cloud services, enterprises can focus on their innovations and R&D to accelerate their transformation.”

One example of the practical application of the TWS 5G AI-Ready Platform is Industry 4.0 Intelligent Internet of Things (AIoT) automated manufacturing. This reference case uses 5G wireless communication for material transportation, manufacturing process sensors connectivity, product packaging storage and logistics to complete timely data collection, integrated feedback responding and precise control with high efficiency. In addition, it combines Digital Twin technology in the metaverse to build a new generation of remote factory applications for smart manufacture.

Additionally, TWS provides blockchain and digital resilience services with security compliance, low cost, high efficiency, and user friendly technology services to empower enterprises (including cloud, network, edge, terminal and security) with digital innovation and sustainable operation capabilities.

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May 28, 2023