Soracom Announces Priority Support, New Services, New Pricing

Jul 1, 2021

New support tier and service offerings make successful IoT deployment easier at any scale

Soracom, Inc., a global provider of advanced IoT connectivity, today announced availability of new Priority and Enterprise support tiers designed to meet the needs of larger and more complex IoT implementations.

Addressing an audience of over 3,000 IoT developers, founders, and executives from the virtual stage at Soracom Discovery 2021, the company also announced the release of new diagnostics tools designed to simplify troubleshooting in the early stages of IoT development and improved pricing for the Subscription Containers profile management service.

Soracom’s new Priority support tier offers enhanced response time during business hours, with SLAs in place based on incident impact. The new Enterprise support tier offers full 24/7/365 support with dedicated technical staff, customizable SLAs, and formal root cause reporting. Pricing for enhanced support begins at approximately $90/month, depending on overall platform usage and SLAs required.

For projects in their early stages and developers new to troubleshooting cellular networks, Soracom now also offers built-in connectivity diagnostics to guide users in identifying common issues. This new service is available to all users at no cost, and can be used to confirm that connections are active, able to establish network connection, and able to transfer data. If issues are detected, the diagnostics tool offers suggestions for further troubleshooting.

Additionally, Soracom now offers improved pricing for users of Subscription Containers. Previously, each subscription loaded would incur a monthly basic fee in addition to the standard basic fee associated with the default subscription. Under the new pricing structure, the monthly fee for the default subscription is waived. Further reducing the total cost of operation.

“Soracom is committed to helping technical innovators launch quickly and succeed at scale,” said Kenta Yasukawa, CTO and co-founder at Soracom. “Today’s announcements address urgent needs for both enterprise deployments and early-stage developers, and confirms our dedication to offering the best possible value at every step along the way.”

Soracom is a global provider of smart IoT connectivity, offering cloud-native wireless service designed specifically for the needs of connected devices. Founded in 2015 to create a more connected world by removing the barriers to IoT development, Soracom now serves over 15,000 customers across all industries, from agriculture, energy, construction and transportation to consumer electronics, manufacturing, real estate and healthcare. Global enterprises and fast-growing start-ups trust Soracom for affordable, reliable connectivity that accelerates speed to market and makes it easy to connect to the cloud. Soracom is an AWS IoT Competency Partner.