Sony to Exhibit at CEATEC 2022

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Introducing technology that contributes to the environment under the theme “To Continue to Share Kando (Emotion) on the Earth”

Sony Group Corporation (“Sony”) announced today that it will participate in CEATEC 2022 from October 18 to 21, 2022, offering an exhibit about environmental initiatives under the theme “To Continue to Share Kando (Emotion) on the Earth.”

Based on its Purpose, to “fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology,” Sony is promoting a wide range of businesses centered on Kando and people. Based on Sony’s long-term environmental plan “Road to Zero,” which aims for a zero environmental footprint, the company believes that it is necessary to create a society in which everyone can live with peace of mind in a healthy global environment for people to connect through Kando. Sony is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities and emphasizing its contributions to the environment through technology and business. At this year’s CEATEC, Sony will introduce various initiatives that contribute to the environment, composed of examples of the technologies that Sony is currently working on from the three perspectives of “The Planet,” “Society,” and “People.”

Main Exhibits

1. The Planet

What is happening on the Earth now? What does this planet look like from space? We can use various methods to explore the Earth, which is familiar to us all yet difficult to grasp as a whole.

STAR SPHERE is taking on the challenge of releasing the perspectives of space to people through the power of technology and delivering inspiring space experiences across the globe through the power of entertainment. Sony aims to launch nano-satellites equipped with Sony’s camera equipment this winter, followed by a service allowing anyone to freely capture space and the Earth using a shooting simulator. The booth will showcase Space Shooting Lab, an experimental simulator*1 that proposes a “place” to discover the perspectives of space through the experience of shooting from space.
*1 Operating devices and information displayed may differ from the actual service.
Climate Station
A new application, currently under development by PlayStation Studios and targeted to launch on PlayStation platforms in 2023, will use virtual reality technology to enable people to view, interact with, and understand complex climate data in order to raise awareness about climate change. At the booth, you can watch the first trailer of the application.

2. Society

The time has come to change systems that have become accepted as social norms. We are developing technologies to realize new foundations that are widely involved in daily social life, such as infrastructure, energy and agricultural methods.

The evolution of mobility is driving changes in lifestyles and the state of society itself, and Sony believes that EVs, mobility-related services and smart grids, etc. help contribute to solving social and environmental issues. At the booth, visitors will be able to see the SUV type prototype “VISION-S 02” announced in January of this year.
Virtual Production
By displaying a virtual background image on a large LED display and capturing objects and performers in front of a LED display by a camera, this technology enables the production of video in which images of the background and subject are composed in real time. This real time composed image produced in-studio looks as if they actually captured on location. This technology also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as there will be no need to transport crew and equipment to filming locations. At the booth, visitors can experience a Virtual Production demonstration that utilizes the VENICE digital cinema camera and a Crystal LED displays.

3. People

What are the things we select and use every day actually made of? While providing opportunities to think about the impact on the environment, we are creating new options for people one by one whenever possible.

Original Blended Material
This is an environmentally conscious paper material developed independently by Sony from bamboo, sugarcane, and recycled paper collected from the market. It is used in the packaging of the “WF-1000XM4″*2, the “WH-1000XM5″*3 headphones and the “Xperia 1 IV(XQ-CT44)” smartphone, realizing plastic-free individual packaging*4. Original Blended Material has also used in the booth’s display fixtures.
*2 Original Blended Material is used for all parts of the packaging except the label.
*3 Original Blended Material is used for outer packaging other than sleeves and labels.
*4 Excluding materials used in coatings and adhesives. Product packaging ranges from individual product cartons to the outer and inner packaging.
Foamed Paper Material
This is a new cushioning material that is made mainly from crushed paper materials such as recovered used paper chips and then foamed. By combining it with other paper materials, it achieves cushioning properties that can handle large, heavy products. In addition, since paper is used as the raw material, it is easy to process and can be molded in various ways.
Many other initiatives other than the above can be seen at the venue and online.
We also introduce some of our initiatives on our corporate blog.

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