Sony Semiconductor Solutions Launches Fee-Based Service on Edge AI Sensing Platform AITRIOS™

Gadget Time / Press Releases / SONY | Nov 9, 2022

Accelerating Social Implementation of Sensing Solutions with Console Developer Edition to Contribute to Resolving Developer Issues

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) today announced the launch of a fee-based service on its edge AI sensing platform AITRIOS™. The service is designed to streamline the development and implementation of sensing solutions using edge devices such as AI cameras.

This fee-based service that comprise AITRIOS is Console Developer Edition, which is designed mainly to support application and AI developers working to create and operate solutions. SSS offers a variety of features such as the environments and tools needed to help resolve the range of issues faced by partner companies today, such as increasing labor time and a lack of engineers and skills. The fee-based service launches in Japan in November 2022 with plans to roll it out to other countries and regions thereafter.

SSS plans to use full-scale operation of this service as an opportunity to accelerate the social implementation of sensing solutions in collaboration with partner companies, while also growing its recurring business.

*1:Japan only. The service is scheduled to launch in the United States and some European areas in fiscal 2022.

AITRIOS, the platform where this new service will be available, helps streamline the development and implementation of sensing solutions using edge devices such as AI cameras. Ever since SSS launched partial free services last year with the objective of recruiting partner companies using AITRIOS, over 20*2 demonstration experiments have been implemented around the world. Many partner companies reported that the service was effective for them to use in their work, showing that launching a fee-based business model was feasible. This, in turn, resulted in the launch of Console Developer Edition as a fee-based service on the AITRIOS platform. In the future, SSS also plans to launch other fee-based support services, mainly for system integrator companies working on building systems, with further plans to expand services to meet the needs of various partners.

*2:As of November 2022.

Introduction format and features of the service

The service is provided via SSS’s cloud infrastructure to various entities engaged in developing applications and AI models, such as startups and academic research institutions. Adopting the service will eliminate the need for developers to build the infrastructure themselves, making it easy for them to build an environment where they can easily set up edge devices, connect to the cloud, develop applications and AI models, and run solutions.

Features included in the service*
*As of announcement on November 9, 2022. Expanded features are planned.

  • Device provisioning: Generates QR codes in the Console for connecting to the cloud. Scanning the codes with an edge device makes it easy to connect to the cloud.
  • Deployment: Allows deployment of sensing applications and AI models on edge devices through model converter.
  • Model Retrainer: Prepares AI model data, conducts relearning, and iteration management*3 according to changes in the usage environment and conditions.
  • Device control: Enables operations and controls of edge devices (data upload start/stop, restart/reset to factory defaults, monitoring, etc.).
  • Insight,Monitoring: Collects a variety of data (inference data, image data, etc.) from edge devices and sends it to the downstream system.
  • AI model management: Develops, imports, stores, and manages AI models.

*3:Check AI model training history and performance

Pricing system

Pricing differs depending on the features the user selects.

Pricing example

*Calculated based on the following assumptions.

Operation period: 1 month
Number of connected edge devices: 5 units

Example of a case where an application developer develops an application for people counting

  • AI model development 20,000 yen *4
  • Operation (Period: 1 month) 17,500 yen *5
  • Total 37,500 yen

*4:Including usage fee for Model Retrainer and model converter.
*5:Including basic fee and device connection fee.

Software development kit (SDK)

Various software development kits (SDKs) accompanied with Console Developer Edition will be available free of charge. Using these in conjunction with the Console can further improve the development efficiency of partner companies.

AITRIOS-supported edge devices

Devices that can be connected to the service are scheduled to be released by partner companies. They are equipped with SSS’s intelligent vision sensor, the IMX500/IMX501, which includes AI processing functionality. In the future, plans are to enable connection to other devices equipped with SSS’s sensors with various sensing features.

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