Sony and KDDI Succeed at Concurrent Communications Using Multiple Network Slices in 5G Standalone

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The world’s first, one application uses multiple network slices concurrently

Sony Corporation (hereafter “Sony”) and KDDI Corporation (hereafter “KDDI”) succeeded at a technological demonstration of concurrent communication on a single device using multiple network slices [1] in 5G standalone network (hereafter “5G SA”) on October 14, 2022.

This demonstration confirmed that smoother gameplay can be achieved by using network slices that have different properties for video signal and control signal, respectively. This is the world’s first demonstration for using multiple network slices separately for one application [2].

Since January 2021, Sony and KDDI have been evaluating technologies to create new entertainment services and business use cases based on 5G SA, which include this demonstration.

This demonstration was carried out with the cooperation of Ericsson Japan K.K. (hereafter “Ericsson”).

*1 User equipment Route Selection Policy: Information to select network slices indicated to user equipment from network.
*2 User Plane Function: A function to transfer user data packet.


Network slices in 5G SA are expected to implement smoother services by preventing traffic from using the same network. In game and video streaming services, image and control data will require both high network throughput and low latency.

In the launch phase of network slicing, user equipment and network slices are tied together, making it so users can only use one network slice per device.

On February 28, 2022, Sony and KDDI succeeded at a technical demonstration for a game streaming service to utilize network slicing technology with 5G SA[3], which proved that users can play their PlayStation® 5 or PlayStation® 4 games on a smartphone while away from home.


In this demonstration, Sony and KDDI used 5G core network with Xperia™ smartphones compatible with URSP (User equipment Route Selection Policy) which is standardized in 3GPP[4]. It confirmed that a game application can concurrently use multiple network slices with different properties for image data and control data. The option to select network slices is delivered from the 5G core network to an Xperia™ smartphone.
In the future, URSP and customized network slices will allow for reliable communication with low latency, and video signals will be optimized according to the wireless environment, enabling even more stable game play even when the wireless environment changes.

URSP will be a key technology in the era of service advancements for implementing network to meet diverse demands.

Sony and KDDI will continue to pursue initiatives for creating new entertainment services.

[1] This is a technology that logically divides a network to provide one which is optimized for customer usage and needs such as high speed, large capability and low latency.
[2] Based on Ericsson’s market research as of December 16, 2022
[3] February 28, 2022, news release
Sony and KDDI Succeed at using 5G Standalone for PlayStation (R) Game Streaming and 8K Live Streaming
[4] Third Generation Partnership Project.
* “Sony” and the product names, service names and logo marks in this press release are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliates.

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