Siemens and Empolis cooperate on digitalizing and structuring organizational knowledge for drive systems

  • Digitalizing and structuring organizational knowledge through knowledge graphs
  • Building towards enriched and contextualized IoT-data service provision and AI-leveraged user self-service experience through chatbots
  • Transforming today’s customer service processes and democratizing accessibility of organizational knowledge

In times of digital transformation, servicing drive systems with fully enabled access to all related data becomes a critical capability for ensured customer satisfaction and efficient business processes. One of the key levers to accomplish this resides in the transactional availability and exploitability of organizational knowledge in any form over their product-lifecycle of drive systems to facilitate collaboration, answer technical or commercial questions, expedite evidence-based decisions and back-up triggered operational activities.

Knowledge graphs are a form of knowledge representation. They represent a comprehensible and explainable form of artificial intelligence. Knowledge graphs create links and relations and enable models on which humans and computers can operate equally thus enlarging the capability to explore relationships and infer insights.

The cooperation of Siemens Large Drives Applications and Empolis targets to further strengthen the foundation for insight generation in SIDRIVE IQ – the digital platform for drive systems & solutions of Siemens. With the power of knowledge graphs at the core of Empolis Intelligent Views Platform ® already existing data in documents, applications or employees’ minds becomes progressively available, easily accessible and automatically reusable.

“With this we are tapping into the opportunity to generate, manage, connect and trustfully share information in knowledge-intensive processes across the product life-cycle of our drive systems. This has a transformative power to augment our business activities on many dimensions such as service quality or process efficiency and consistency”, says Sebastian Winkler von Mohrenfels, Head of LDA Digital Business.

The integration of Empolis Intelligent Views Platform® will not only surface existing organizational knowledge which are key for experts’ daily work in various disciplines such as customer service or R&D. It will also help to gain structured, and standardized data that can be relied on for the enhancement of IoT services and contextualization of AI-based features such as chatbots or automated root-cause analysis.

“Consolidating, structuring, and facilitating an organization’s entire knowledge and establishing a central knowledge management provides a single information source of truth and opens a variety of opportunities for user self-service and data service automation. This empowers knowledge workers and boosts informed decision making”, states Andreas Klüter, Co-CEO & CTO, Empolis.

SIDRIVE IQ is a holistic IoT-solution and services for smart fleet management of drive systems & solutions. With SIDIRVE IQ reliability, performance and serviceability of drive systems are holistically manageable throughout the product lifecycle. This means, the drive system is not limited any more to its natural physical boundaries and linear purpose in the operations process. It is extended by automated capabilities of AI, digital content and enabled virtual collaboration – anytime, anywhere. This translates into leverage on operational risk exposure, asset life-time extension and eventually an impact on financial performance. For more information:

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