Seicane H041 Carplay 4K 1080P 10.26″ Smart Screen | Unboxing & Review

Gadget Time / Reviews | Sep 8, 2023

Seicane H041 Carplay 4K 1080P 10.26″ – Car DVR Streaming Media Screen Camera

The main interface displays time, music switching, voilume adjustment and other commonly used functions. There are driving recorder, mobile plhone interconnection, screen projections, music switching and volume adjustment, time, FM, Bluethooh, return visit, and screen brightness adjustment, whitch can be quickly accessed for operation.

The Seicane H041 Smart Screen is a touchscreen display designed for use in automotive applications, particularly as an aftermarket infotainment system for various car models. It typically features a large touchscreen interface that allows users to control various functions, including navigation, multimedia playback, Bluetooth connectivity, and more, by simply touching the screen. Touchscreen displays in car infotainment systems have become increasingly popular for their convenience and ease of use while driving.

Seicane H041 Smart Screen Features

  • Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto. Our portable carplay car stereo can easily connects to smartphones to enter another smart system and allows you to access phones maps, calls, messages, music, and more apps by wireless connection, much safer than using phones when driving
  • Touch Screen & Brightness Adjustment. 10.26 inch portable car stereo with HD touchscreen screen, support screen brightness adjustment. You can adjust it by clicking the little sun icon in the upper right corner of the main screen
  • Blueooth & FM & AUX. This portable android auto car stereo has built-in speaker, has 3 sound modes, support Bluetooth and AUX playback for multiple options, use the same FM frequency, your portable car radio can transfer audio to your original car system
  • Portable CarPlay with Backup Camera. We prepare a wired rear view camera to help parking, which will automatically switch to the reversing video, supports grid lines adjustment (can be switched on/off or adjusted). With a micro SD card, you can copy the files to play videos or music
  • 10.26 inch Portable Car Radio. Car Stereo with IPS touch screen with 1600*600 resolution and 178° full-viewing angle.The large gps screen for car supports sliding screen display, with split-screen function of dual video input, you can choose half-screen or full-screen according to your needs.
  • Dual Camera & DVR. Portable car radio android auto/carplay is equipped with a 2K hd front camera & an AHD 1080p rear camera, and both have DVR recording function. The front camera can be retracted up and down. A 64G TF card, and the stereo will automatically enter the recording mode after inserting the card. When the memory card is full, the video will be automatically overwritten and saved, so there is no need to manually format the memory card.
  • 12-24V Suitable for Most Cars. Easy to install, no need to disassemble the car console, install carplay screen for car on the dashboard, plug it into the cigarette lighter and use the car radio reciver. Car play screen suitable for cars, campers, sedans, trucks, vans, buses, pickups and more.
  • Audio Synchronous Transmission. The portable car radio android auto/carplay has a built-in 8Ω 2W speaker, which can transmit sound through Bluetooth, FM and AUX connections. After the connection is successful, the sound will be played through the original car speaker, and the sound quality is clear and stable.
  • Great For Outdoor Use. If you’re outdoors, you can bring this portable car stereo to enjoy videos or music from your phone, USB, or SD card. Prop it on the stand and power it with a power bank through the USB-C port.
  • Loop Recording. Automatically overwrite old files, store the latest recorded video, and realize the function of loop recording. There is no need to clean up the files on the memory card all the time to ensure driving safety.

Key features

  • Main Chip:Allwinner V535 Quad Core CA7@1.5GHz RISC-V MCU@200MHz
  • Display:MIPI 10.26 inches
  • Resolution: 1600*600
  • TP:Support 10.26 inches capacitive screen
  • Flash Memory:8GB
  • Loudspeaker:Built-in (8ohm/2W)
  • Microphone:Built-in -40db ±2db
  • Expansion memory card:TF card capacity up to 128GB
  • Power supply:Car charger 5V/3A
  • Front camera:2093 6P 4K Ultra HD
  • Rear camera:AHD 1080P HD camera
  • Bluetooth:Support BLE 5.0, can support master and slave devices
  • FM:Support 88-108MHz
  • GPS track:Optional
  • WiFi:Support 2.4G 802.11b/g/n
  • System/OS:Linux
  • UI:Internal UI
  • Language:Support multiple languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Korean, Polish, Arabic, Hungarian, Czech, Lithuanian)
  • Parking monitoring:support
  • Time-lapse video:With step-down cable, there is time-lapse video recording (optional)
  • Voice control:middle
  • Apple device:Support Carplay Built-in wired and wireless compatibility
  • Overseas Android devices:Support android auto, built-in wired and wireless compatible
  • Mirror projection:Supports Apple Airplay/Android Wireless Mirror
  • wired connection:Support
  • Reverse image:Support
  • Format/format:H.264

Packing List

  • 1 x 12V IGNITER
  • 1 x AUX Line
  • 1 x AHD Camera
  • 1 x Product

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