Sandvine joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

May 5, 2022

Application and network intelligence will give service providers a cloud native, scalable, and flexible option for analyzing and assuring low-latency, Quality of Experience-driven 5G services

As Google announced today, Sandvine – a leader in Application and Network Intelligence – has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Build Partner for the delivery of application and network analytics through the cloud. Through this program, Sandvine will help service providers analyze, optimize and monetize applications and deliver high quality application experiences.

Sandvine’s cloud-native Application and Network Intelligence solutions are being integrated into Google Cloud leveraging services such as Google Kubernetes Engine, Anthos, Google Analytics stack and Google Distributed Cloud Edge (GDCE) to extend services to the edge.

By combining Sandvine’s analytics and automation use cases with Google Cloud Analytics and AI/ML stack and GDC, service providers will get flexibility, scalability, and security that is customizable and cost effective. By deploying Sandvine on GDCE and Google Cloud regions, service providers can optimize the delivery of complex, latency-sensitive 5G apps such as video monitoring and surveillance; VR/AR/immersive experiences; autonomous vehicles; connected machinery; and telehealth.

Sandvine’s customers have begun leveraging the solution to better assure 4G and 5G services, and to guarantee the best app QoE for their enterprise and consumer customers.

Lyndon Cantor, CEO, Sandvine said: “Delivering high-quality 5G application experiences requires vastly greater performance, reliability and security. We believe in the power of cloud native edge and core networks. Sandvine’s Application and Network Intelligence and 5G Service Intelligence Engine (NWDAF) are available as Cloud Native Functions that integrate with Google Cloud. By moving compute, storage, and analytics closer to where data is created, service providers can deliver the enhanced speed and performance customers require, while increasing their ability to analyze, optimize and monetize 5G services for consumer and enterprise customers.”

To find out more about how Sandvine works with Google Cloud to tame network application complexity to optimize QoE and to monetize services, schedule a meeting with us at the Big 5G Event or contact us here.

Sandvine's cloud-based Application and Network Intelligence portfolio helps customers deliver high quality, optimized experiences to consumers and enterprises.