Samsung Appoints Hubert H. Lee To Lead Its MX Design Team

Dec 30, 2022

Samsung Electronics today announced the appointment of Hubert H. Lee as EVP and Head of its MX (Mobile eXperience) Design Team. Having previously worked as Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz China, Lee brings more than two decades of design and leadership experience to Samsung.

At Mercedes-Benz, Lee was credited with leading many design projects and received multiple awards for his outstanding leadership of the company’s design teams in the United States and China.

In his new role at Samsung, Lee will lead the MX Design Team, which is responsible for creating Galaxy products like S Series, Z Series, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Watch and more. His unique and visionary perspective will help shape the look and feel of Galaxy, building on the distinct design ethos that users know and love.

“Samsung is known for building some of the world’s most beautiful products with designs that have transformed the mobile industry,” said Hubert H. Lee, “I am excited to join a company that is on the bleeding edge of mobile innovation and lead the team responsible for creating new mobile experiences through the art of design.”

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