Pudu Robotics Goes a Step Further with PuduBot 2 and SwiftBot at Australian Events

Sep 27, 2022

Pudu Robotics, the global leader in commercial service robots, has wrapped up a highly successful showcase at Fine Food Australia and Royal Adelaide Show in Australia in September.

Fine Food Australia is the leading trade event for the food industry, attracting more than 650 exhibitors and over 25,000 visitors from Australia and internationally. At this expo, Pudu Robotics showcased its latest delivery robot PuduBot 2 and SwiftBot from September 5. to September 8. The highlight of the Pudu Robotics booth was PuduBot 2, the newly upgraded delivery robot from the successful model PuduBot in 2017. The robot with the new generation PUDU VSLAM+ technology to realize intelligent deliveries in all scenarios, promoting the application of service robots, and accelerating the overall robot development with higher performance, better extendibility, adaptability, and reliability.

SwiftBot has also demonstrated the ability to detect passers-by and initiatively make way for pedestrians in a timely manner. Even in a highly dynamic and complex environment such as an expo, SwiftBot can conduct and complete its tasks easily, while simultaneously surprising visitors with its multifunctionality and high reliability.

At Australia’s annual carnival event, Royal Adelaide Show, Pudu Robotics exhibited four of the most representative robots, BellaBot, KettyBot, SwiftBot, and PuduBot 2.

Pudu Robotics robots hit high attraction during Royal Adelaide Show. BellaBot played a welcome role, And KettyBot displayed video and photos on a large 18.5-inch screen. It fulfilled new experiences and enhanced serving solutions for various businesses during the event.

Pudu Robotics has made itself a strong driver for the smart development of restaurants and related businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Pudu Robotics will continuously strive to expand its reach into new fields in order to enable more customers to benefit from smarter commercial service robot solutions.

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