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An IP-camera is a welcome guest in every house. If you are always on the move it is a great way to keep an eye

Huami is Xiaomi’s subsidiary responsible for fitness accessories manufacture. Remember Mi Band and Mi Band 2? Well, although they are sold under name Xiaomi, they

Xiaomi is an all-rounder in the world of tech. But even being a top player one can always learn a thing or two from others.

Xiaomi continues to broaden its fields of activity. She jumped on the wearable fitness accessories bandwagon some time ago and now she is ready to


The Yi company made a serious statement when it launched a 4K action cam. It still one of the fast-selling cameras Yi ever made and

What can be more futuristic than taking control of your home lights with a help of a smartphone? Using only the sound of your voice

June 2016 was a great month for Xiaomi. Mainly because its first two laptops finally saw the light and could offer a more appealing price

Walkie-talkies are no longer used only by military men and police. Their versatility made them necessary for ordinary people in a number of environments. Although

Huawei is a technology company, Lenovo is a trading company, Apple is a design company… Those descriptions may be incomplete and rough, but they give

And we go on with turning our home into a fully automated, a.k.a more comfortable, place to live in. Light switchers are the next chapter

People on foot know dash cameras as an instrument to capture interesting things on the road, like meteors or virtuoso drivers, which usually end up

Xiaomi smartphones, cameras, set-top boxes, purifiers etc. are of major interest for its worldwide fan community. The company also tries to move into clothes and

Can your scale read your body fat or bone mass? Well, if you care about something else than only how much you weight, it should.

2017 has only just started and Xiaomi is up and running and doing it fast. We already managed to give a sneak peak on its

Office — road — home — the main route of our lives. We finally got down to making our home more comfortable and safe using

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