Panasonic Introduces Intelli-Balance® 100 Mirror Energy Recovery Ventilator at the International Builders’ Show 2023

Device’s mirrored duct configuration will provide more flexibility and versatility to installers and engineers for building projects in a variety of climate zones
Cost-effective solution designed to customize airflow, improve indoor air quality and reduce ventilation costs

Panasonic, a leading provider of ventilation and healthy indoor living solutions to the building industry, today announced the new Intelli-Balance 100 Mirror Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV.) The new model is the company’s latest addition to its suite of ERVs, which help to balance air pressure in homes and buildings, and improve indoor air quality. Ideal for large, multi-family projects, the Mirror ERV is an optimal solution for tight spaces where duplicate floorplans require ventilation on either side of a building.

As consumer awareness of indoor environmental quality has risen since the start of the pandemic, Panasonic continues to deliver solutions that help provide consumers with healthier homes built to meet energy efficiency standards across the country. The new Intelli-Balance 100 Mirror ERV is a cost-effective, code compliant, and installation-flexible option for builders to add into their projects. Key features include:

  • Two DC motors with Smart Flow technology to assure optimal CFM (cubic feet per minute) output
  • Multi-speed selector (50-100 CFM), which provides customizable airflow to create balance, positive or negative pressure within the home
  • Built-in ASHRAE 62.2 timing function to assure code compliance
  • MERV 8 filter included, with MERV 8 and optional MERV 13 filters available
  • Two mounting options on the wall or ceiling

In addition to debuting the Intelli-Balance 100 Mirror ERV at the International Builders’ Show, Panasonic will also be featuring additional solutions including:

  • WhisperAir Repair™ Spot Air Purifier
  • Swidget Smart Controls
  • The extended suite of ERVS, including the Intelli-Balance® 100, Intelli-Balance® 200, and WhisperComfort® ERV Balanced Air Solution
  • Ventilation fans, including the WhisperFit® DC Fan, WhisperGreen® Select Fan, WhisperWarm® Fan/Heater, and WhisperFresh® Select Fan

Panasonic is helping consumers and building industry professionals understand and experience how ventilation and purification solutions enhance the quality of indoor spaces. Visit Panasonic at the International Builders’ Show 2023 at booth #C4519. For more information visit:

To learn more about healthy living and additional Panasonic indoor air quality solutions, visit

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