Panasonic Announces Partnership with Molton Brown, an Icon of Unique British Style

Both committed to sustainability in the personal care industry, Panasonic and Molton Brown aim to provide a luxurious grooming experience with the MultiShape Ultimate Special Edition Kit

Panasonic is proud to announce its partnership with unique British style icon, Molton Brown, to offer the MultiShape Ultimate Special Edition Kit. This kit includes the award-winning Panasonic MultiShape and a variety of bold, travel-sized Bath & Shower Gels from Molton Brown.

“The MultiShape Ultimate Special Edition Kit was crafted to provide users with a well-rounded, premium grooming experience,” said Walter Taffarello, Director of Appliance and Beauty Merchandise, Panasonic. “We are thrilled to be offering this special edition kit with Molton Brown, an iconic style brand that is also focused on sustainability and eco-conscious brand principles.”

Panasonic is committed to championing sustainability in the personal care industry. Earlier today, Panasonic announced Take Back for Tomorrow to promote recycling of electronic personal care devices such as shavers and trimmers. The MultiShape itself features a modular design that reduces waste compared to conventional personal care product designs, and an example of its GREEN IMPACT initiative coming to life in its product design, manufacturing and marketing. As for Molton Brown, the brand has a demonstrated history of sustainability, implementing ambitious initiatives to produce refillable packaging, reduce plastic and ensure responsible manufacturing.

The MultiShape Ultimate Special Edition Kit includes the MultiShape device and five premium attachments that allow users to customize the device for their individual style and needs. Conventionally, each attachment head would be a standalone unit with its own battery and power system. With the Panasonic MultiShape Ultimate Special Edition Kit, a single battery base unit can replace up to five separate power grooming tools, resulting in less waste.

Additionally, three select travel-sized Bath & Shower Gels from Molton Brown are included in the kit to infuse any grooming routine with luxury. The Bath & Shower Gels are crafted from the finest and rarest ingredients and are produced in a carbon neutral facility in England that uses renewable energy. They come in refillable bottles made from 50% recycled PET.

Three Travel-Sized Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gels

Re-charge Black Pepper: Embark on an off-road adventure with this iconic spicy fragrance. This shower gel fuses piquant black pepper, coriander and confident, earthy vetiver.

Infusing Eucalyptus: Revive your senses with this aromatic-woody body wash, filled with invigorating eucalyptus, vivacious wild mint and resinous cedarwood.

Neon Amber: Turbo-charge bathing rituals with the Neon Amber Bath & Shower Gel; this iconic gel formula is fragranced with bright mandarin oil, creamy tonka absolute and warm ambroxan.

Li-ion Battery Base Unit: Operates up to 90 minutes1 on a one-hour charge and has an anti-slip coating for a firm grip.

Beard/Hair Trimmer Head: Includes an adjustment dial with 39 length settings and two comb attachments to achieve 1-10mm or 11-20mm lengths.

Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer Head: Includes an adjustment dial with 58 length settings, three comb attachments ranging from 1-30mm, and one dedicated body attachment for precise and gentle trimming as close as 0.5mm of sensitive areas like the underarms.

3-Blade Foil Shaver Head: To reduce the number of strokes required for a close shave, the individual Floating Blades move independently in three directions and gently follow the contours of the face and neck. The blades are positioned at 30 degrees and can groom away even the thickest stubble from the root, so users remain stubble free for up to eight hours. They won’t blunt or cause skin irritation either. Finally, round-shaped outer foils fit uniformly against the skin, even under the chin for a close shave over the entire surface.

Nose, Ear & Facial Hair Trimmer Head: Users can efficiently trim away pesky nose and ear hair from all directions without any pulling. As users are trimming, a vacuum function suctions away hair so there’s no scattering of cut hair in and around the ear or nose, making post-trim cleanup easier.

Toothbrush Head with two included brush types (Multi-fit Brush and Extra-Fine Brush) + Base Connector: Utilizing Sonic Vibration Technology to achieve a deep clean, the brush has a unique shape with tufts of flat, extra-fine bristles on both edges and in the middle of the brush to effectively and thoroughly clean the surface of, and in between, teeth.

Travel Bag: Store the MultiShape and its attachments and the Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gels in this included travel bag bag, which can keep all the items in one place whether it’s being stored in a small space or taken on-the-go.

You can further explore Molton Brown’s citrus, floral, woody and spicy fragrance collections for an elevated moment of indulgence in your everyday grooming routine at

The MultiShape Ultimate Special Edition Kit will be available for purchase at for $170, in January 2023.

1. Based on dry usage at 68-86° Fahrenheit; Average operating time when using the ER-CTN1 (Beard /Hair Trimmer).

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