Panasonic Announces 2022 Customer Appreciation Award Winners

High-performing solar installers are honored for their commitment to providing the ultimate customer service experience

Panasonic Corporation of North America announced today the recipients of its 2022 Customer Appreciation Awards. The Customer Appreciation Awards program, which began in 2019, recognizes authorized Panasonic solar installers and EverVolt® battery installers who exceed customer expectations.

The Customer Appreciation Awards program highlights the national Installer of the Year as well as regional recipients in the following award categories: Residential Installer of the Year, EverVolt® ESS Installer of the Year, Fastest Growing Installer of the Year and Fastest Growing EverVolt® ESS Installer of the Year.

The full list of categories and winners is below.

Installer of the Year Award, National

Solar Optimum – Glendale, CA

Residential Installer of The Year Award

Advance Solar & Energy – Southeast Region
Atlasta Solar Store – Mountain South Region
Jefferson Electric, LLC – Midwest Region
ECG Solar – Great Plains Region
EGT Solar – Mountain North Region
NJ Solar Power – Northeast Region
Nuwatt Energy – New England Region
Synergy Power – Northern California
Western Solar – Northwest Region
Solar Works Energy, LLC – South Central Region
Sunbright Solar, LLC – Southwest Region
Alternate Energy, Inc – Hawaii
Hot Purple Energy – Desert Empire Region
Orange County Solar – Southern California

Fastest Growing Installer of the Year Award

May Electric Solar – Southeast Region
Whole Sun Designs, Inc – Midwest Region
Organ Mountain Solar & Electric – South Central Region
American Array Solar and Roofing – Northwest Region
Black Platinum Solar & Electric – Southwest Region
Public Service Solar – Northeast Region

EverVolt® Battery Storage Installer of the Year Award

Connected Technology – Northwest Region
Kapital Electric Company, Inc – Midwest Region

Fastest Growing EverVolt®Battery Storage Installer of the Year Award

Kaye Solar, LLC – Southeast Region

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