“Do not talk to strangers … on the internet!” The updated version of our generation

Why can not we give up the “do not talk to strangers” restriction?

Very often in childhood I have had a negative attitude towards parents. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I won (I thought). The truth is that my parents, without having access to parents’ books, have allowed me to discover the world as it is, the good and the less good parts, and learn to do it alive. They called him the “school of life”. The best teachers in this school were foreigners. If I wanted to learn something or to ask for help, she must open her mouth and communicate with her. From them I learned to help and ask for help. It was harder to learn how to make the difference between those who deserve and those who take advantage of my goodness. Other children were not as lucky as me.

Do not talk to strangers

Instead of judging those who have educated children not to talk to strangers, we invite you to discuss what attitude we have toward this subject, as compared to our requirements.
Why do we advise children not to chat with foreigners on the internet?

My advice is to let them talk to strangers on the internet. At first, under your careful supervision and then, little by little, trust them. Teach them that there are people in the world who are malicious and benevolent. You are parents. Teach them to distinguish them!