New Products to Utilize Professional-Use Drone Airpeak S1 for Industrial Purposes

Gadget Time / Press Releases / SONY | Apr 18, 2023

Accurate flight and high-precision capturing contribute to safe and efficient drone operations

Sony Group Corporation (“Sony”) will release new products that can utilize the professional-use drone Airpeak S1 for industrial purposes. The Airpeak S1 achieves highly agile, dynamic and precise flight through the use of proprietary motors, propellers, control systems and sensing technology, and is equipped with a full-size mirrorless interchangeable lens camera α™ (Alpha™) for high-resolution capturing. New products consist of an RTK (Real Time Kinematic) kit that enables high-precision positioning in degrees of centimeters, a battery pack that supports longer flight time, and the custom lightweight Gimbal PX1 for Airpeak by Gremsy. Using these products with Airpeak S1 will contribute to safe and efficient drone operations in a wide range of industries.

Main features

RTK enables accurate flight and high precision data acquisition
Enables recording of positioning information with accuracy within a few centimeters
While GNSS is accurate within a range of several meters, RTK enables accurate positioning within centimeters. This device synchronizes the shooting timing of the image data and the position information high precision, and records the position information offset to the center position of the image sensor.
Stable flight even in environments with strong magnetic field interference
Equipped with two GNSS antennas, RTK enables stable flight even in environments where it is difficult to control the drone with the geomagnetic sensor due to the inspection target or surrounding structures.
Accurate flight with low-error self-localization estimation
By using RTK together with a vision sensor, realizes self-position estimation with minimized error. Also improves the behavior of the drone during deceleration, the stability of hovering, and the system for automatic flight. By using reproducible flight, the regular inspection flow can be reproduced with high accuracy any number of times, realizing efficient and highly accurate operation that does not depend on the skill of the pilot.
Function to add positioning information to captured images (scheduled for support from Summer 2023)
A function to add positioning data to captured images as metadata via a mobile app after flight is planned.
High-resolution imaging with full-size mirrorless interchangeable lens α™
Compatible with full-size mirrorless interchangeable lens α (α7R series) ILCE-7RM4, ILCE-7RM4A, and ILCE-7RM5, considering the drone performance required for the intended use. When in use, enables image shooting with a maximum of 61 million pixels with a mechanical shutter that suppresses blurring. In addition, allows for the selection of lenses with wide range of focal lengths such as 24/35/40/50mm.

High resolution imaging capturing effective for inspection use

When using a 50mm lens, an image with a capturing resolution of 1mm/pixel can be captured even from a safe distance of up to 13m from the object.
Improved operability with remote camera settings
Various settings of the camera can be configured from the hand-held remote controller. Settings can be changed and adjusted according to the situation without touching the camera, enabling streamlined operation during capturing. In addition, supports touch-operated focus area setting and selection of focus position. The focus position can be flexibly changed on the mobile app, enabling more accurate capturing.
Flight performance that combines high precision and high efficiency
High wind resistance performance to prevent being swept away by strong winds
Propellers, motors, ESC, and other propulsion devices and flight controls were developed independently, achieving a maximum wind resistance of 20m/s* and a gust resistance of 15m/s** during flight. This prevents the drone from being swept away easily by erratic winds while in flight, and enables stable flight even in strong winds such in places such as coasts and valleys.
* Without payload.
** At maximum payload. The maximum wind speed at which the travel distance is 1 m or less when receiving a gust from the side during straight flight.
Supports long automated flight
Supports a function that enables the resumption of an automated flight after it has been interrupted without starting over from the beginning, and a battery hot-swapping that can change the battery while the drone is in operation. Enables a flight time of about 20 minutes* while being equipped with RTK and a high-resolution camera.
* Equipped with RTK-1, LBP-HM1, GBL-PX1, ILCE-7RM4A, SEL35F28Z, 0m above sea level, no wind, cruising speed 9m/s.
Proximity prevention and obstacle braking functions for enhanced safety
Also equipped with a function to prevent unintended approach during automated flight to an inspection object with a cylindrical structure such as steel tower, supporting safe operation. In addition, the combination of front, rear, left, and right stereo cameras and an infrared range sensor on the top recognizes surrounding obstacles. Supports an obstacle braking function that automatically decelerates and stops by judging the behavior of the done and the surrounding conditions.
Professional-Use drone made in Japan
The Airpeak drone was mass-produced in Japan by combining Sony’s accumulated technologies and attention to detail.

Extensive security measures
Airpeak uses advanced security measures cultivated through Sony’s product development. We also provide a security white paper that can be used as a reference when considering the introduction and use of Airpeak.

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