Lenovo Partners with a New Global Class of “Lenovo Innovators”

Gadget Time / Press Releases / LENOVO | Sep 23, 2021

These 10 global creators aim to inspire people to innovate and reach their full potential through technology, bringing to life Lenovo’s ‘Smarter Technology for All’ vision.

Today Lenovo announced its newest cohort of Lenovo Innovators – a group of global content creators that represent Lenovo’s Smarter Tech for All vision. These inspiring and change-driven content creators will use Lenovo’s products and solutions to elevate their missions, tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, and bring awareness to key issues around the world.

This year’s group is comprised of 10 individuals with unique backgrounds from Brazil, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Spain, UK, and US. Throughout the year, the Lenovo Innovators will tell their stories through a series of videos and articles on Lenovo StoryHub and post about their adventures on social media using #LenovoInnovators.

“The mission of the Lenovo Innovators program aligns with Lenovo’s core belief that smarter technology can solve problems, create opportunities, and enhance the way we all live, learn and work,” said Jeffrey Shafer, Chief Communications Officer of Lenovo. “Whether it’s helping to preserve our ocean ecosystems, advocating for women in STEM or empowering future leaders through accessible learning, every Lenovo Innovator embodies the ‘Smarter Technology for All’ spirit in their unique way.”

Learn more about each of the 2021 – 2022 Lenovo Innovators:

  • Dr. Maricela Becerra: College Professor
  • Leigh-Kathryn Bonner: Bee Conservationist, Founder of Bee Downtown
  • Carissa Cabrera: Marine Conservationist, Founder of Conservationist Collective
  • Kati Dietzsch: Programmer/Coder, Gamer, STEM Advocate
  • Ivan Di Simoni: Chef, Animal Activist
  • Jeremiah Emmanuel: Author, Entrepreneur, Youth Advocate
  • Vishakha Fulsunge: MotoVlogger, Gamer, Diversity Advocate
  • Roxy Furman: Wildlife Biologist, Filmmaker & Photographer
  • Gádor Muntaner: Marine Scientist, Shark Conservationist, Researcher and Diver
  • Dr. Sylvain Hawawini: Veterinarian
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