How to learn addition with peas

28 Aug 2017

How to learn addition with peas

Place in row 10 packs of Kinder eggs

Pair with a known object is essential in any educational activity. Mereover, these boxes have the advantage that they are in perfect size and shape for this activity. They can be easily held in the little hands of your child. The cover opens and closes easily.

Write on each box a number from 1 to 10

Each box represents a number. We do not have 10 identical boxes. Now we have 10 different boxes. Let’s help them understand that each number represents a lot and not just a word in a poem. Let’s give them items that you visualize when you pronounce a number.

Place peas in a bowl

1 is a single object. 2 we have two objects. At 3 three objects. Let’s replace objects with peas. How many peas we have? Many. From this large crowd we move to the next step to select grains for each number.

Place in each box a number of pea equal to that written on it

We take each box and put peas in it. How many peas? Accordingly with the number on the box. Counting each pea added in. Only this way they will notice the first differences. We count more. In each box we add more peas.

Remove all peas from adjacent boxes

The purpose of this step is to help review the differences and fix them better. Take two adjacent boxes. Remove the peas and put on two rows. A row is longer and one shorter. Exactly! This is the difference between the two figures.

Getting started with addition

Take an empty box and another two box with peas. Let’s begin with fewer peas. The peas of the two boxes are put together in the empty box. How many peas do we have? It’s called addition. Let’s see. Remove the peas, put them in row to be counted. Suppose we have 5 peas. Take out the peas from the box No. 5 and put them in a row. The same length?

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28 Aug 2017

Place in row 10 packs of Kinder eggs Pair with a known object is essential in any educational activity. Mereover,   … read more