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Kiband is the newest tech in child wearables empowering children to safely explore world

Mar 2 2015

Kiband is more than a simple Bluetooth tag. We’ve built the technology from the ground up using the most advanced platform to deliver a one of kind smartband that alerts you to a child’s location before they get out of sight not after.

Most parents can recall a time when their child was unexpectedly missing–even if only for a second. The anxiety that follows an experience like that can become exhausting.

Spencer Behrend, founder of KiLife Tech, began developing the Kiband after he lost his two-year old son, Kimball, at a 4th of July parade. In a split second, Kimball disappeared into a crowd of thousands. Fear doesn’t begin to describe the emotion felt by Spencer and his wife at that moment.

So, they began a quest to help parents never have to feel the same way.

Fortunately, Kimball was found very quickly! He didn’t even know he was lost; but his parents did and with nearly a million children reported missing every year it’s not surprising that parents are so excited about the Kiband.

kiband children

Because if you’ve looked for a solution to the anxiety of keeping track of your kids, you know that finding true peace of mind is nearly impossible short of a monkey backpack leash.

Kiband overview

Kiband is the latest innovation in wearable child safety tech. Kiband eliminates the anxiety parents have in taking their children into public settings, while enabling the child to safely explore the world around them. Synced with the parents smartphone, the Kiband creates a mobile geofence controlled by the parent, giving parents peace of mind and children freedom to explore.

Kiband features

Parental Removal
Only you, the parent or caregiver, can remove the Kiband by unlocking it from your smartphone using the free Kiband app.

Custom Distances
Through the app, you set custom distances for places like grocery stores at a close proximity, or parks at a far proximity.

Silent Wristband Alarm
When the child approaches the perimeter you set, the Kiband vibrates, warning the child that he or she is getting too far away and reminding them to look for his or her parent or caregiver.

Phone & Wristband Alarm
When your child leaves the perimeter you’ve set, both your phone and the child’s wristband will sound an audible alarm, allowing you to instantly locate your child. You don’t have to take out your smartphone and open a map.

Water Alert
The water-resistant Kiband will quickly alert you if the Kiband is ever submerged in water, helping you to react quickly.


Kiband specifications

Our designs and prototypes are complete in their final form factor and functional integration is well under way. Our priority is to refine the design, complete manufacturing engineering and scale to mass production. We are committed to doing everything we can to provide you with a quality product.

Tech Specs
• Secure sync to prevent hacking of device
• Range of up to 200 ft
• High quality custom micro-PCB: laser drilling, silver immersion, and machine assembly
• Lowest energy draw integrated 32 bit microprocessor on the market
• User replaceable CR1632 140mAh battery with a six month life
• Alarm up to 85 dB enabling detection in most environments
• Dimensions: 0.5” high on center and 0.75” wide
• Variable sizing up to 1.5 inches allowing for a customized fit

Our free, simple, intuitive and intelligent interface gives parents complete control. Designed with you in mind, the app allows multi-band sync (up to 6 bands), custom distance perimeters, and adjustable alarm levels.

Currently developed for iOS, the app will also be release on Android. Check out the video below to see our latest version.

Official video

Video Review

Kiband price

TheKiband is now available for pre-ordering $89

The official Kiband website

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