Intel, Industry Partners Set New PC Webcam Standard

Nov 9, 2022

Cross-PC ecosystem group raises PC image quality standards for videoconferencing with new VCX-Webcam metric.

On Nov. 10, VCX-Forum announced VCX-WebCam 2023, the first consensus-driven camera benchmark specifically targeted for videoconferencing image quality.

Intel was the founding member and chair of the cross-PC ecosystem group, working alongside Dell, Image Engineering, Lenovo, HP, AMD, PAL labs and others. Driven largely by the leadership and learnings of the Intel® Evo™ platform, the group leveraged the knowledge and experience of leading original equipment manufacturers, test labs, internet service providers, and hardware and software vendors to build a specification that is robust and transparent.

“Providing a superior videoconferencing experience on all Intel Evo laptops has been a top priority. With the new VCX metric, we’re excited to bring a new quantitative measurement of camera quality on future Intel Evo designs and strive for better PC experiences as a collective industry,” said Josh Newman, vice president and general manager of Mobile Innovation at Intel.

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