Hyundai’s upscaled all-new Kona arrives with roomier smart space and high-tech convenience features

Customer centricity is at the heart of Hyundai’s product development, and the all-new Hyundai Kona offers one of the most comprehensive product packages in the B-SUV segment
The all-new Kona is an ‘upscaled multiplayer’ with a bold new look in the B-SUV (subcompact SUV) segment
Hyundai Motor took the unconventional approach of developing the EV variants first and carried over EV-centric attributes and features to the ICE and HEV variants
Bigger, bolder and more dynamic, the all-new Kona has evolved to embrace an even wider range of diversity, for every lifestyle
As a lifestyle supporter, the all-new Kona expresses dynamic purity combined with boldly sculpted ruggedness, inspiring positive energy in customers of all ages and generations
Designed as an EV first, this second-generation model’s unique and iconic design is a departure from traditional typology, and was made for dynamic urban lifestyles
Setting new standards, Kona comes with a wide range of cutting edge tech and convenience features, such as dual 12.3-inch screen panoramic display, Digital Key 2 Touch, full Over-The-Air updates (OTA) and Feature on Demand (FOD) readiness
The EV variant is equipped with bespoke features, like a Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) function, i-PEDAL driving mode, e-Active Sound Design (e-ASD), one of the best all-electric range (AER) in the segment (514 km – WLTP), and a Projection Head-up Display (HUD)
The all-new Kona offers the widest range of powertrains in the B-SUV segment: ICE (120 PS, 198 PS, 48V, and AWD), 141 PS HEV and EV (48.4 kWh standard range and 65.4 kWh long range)
Made in Europe, for Europe: the EV variant of the updated model will be manufactured at Hyundai’s Czech production plant, HMMC
Sitting between the Hyundai Bayon and Tucson, the all-new Kona will have bigger dimensions than the previous generation, thanks to its K3 platform

All-new Hyundai Kona at a glance

Exterior design

  • For the all-new Kona, Hyundai broke away from the conventional ICE-to-EV design process and instead developed EV-to-ICE design
    • This resulted in a futuristic EV-focused exterior design, in which purity and ruggedness coexist
  • Kona expresses dynamic purity combined with boldly sculpted ruggedness, inspired by a tech-centric design
  • The model’s dynamic profile was designed to emphasise its pure volume and aerodynamic performance, with a drag coefficient as of 0.27.
  • To create a contrast with the front section’s purity in shape and volume and emphasise bold ruggedness, Kona features a connected parametric surface design with meticulous details
  • Dynamic lines connect the side belt and satin chrome spoiler, and wrap around the entire vehicle to complete the dynamic presence
  • Side design:
    • The sharp diagonal crease of the connected parametric surface design adds to the Kona’s dynamic profile
    • Distinctive wheel arch design: front and rear lights are embedded in the boldly sculpted wheel arch cladding
  • Rear design:
    • Satin chrome spoiler connected to side belt line features an integrated High-Mounted Stop Lamp (HSML)
    • Seamless horizon light signature enhances the Kona’s distinctive tail with a rugged sporty character
  • Front design:
    • The front seamless horizon light signature compliments the Kona’s purity in shape and volume
    • Clean, pure front appearance is enhanced by its low grille with active air flaps
  • N Line version
    • The N Line version is distinguished by its dedicated aggressive front and rear design
    • This includes body colour wheel arches, a distinct sporty grille and air intakes, and wing-shaped bumper and lower stance
    • This version is sporty yet sophisticated, with glossy black side mirrors, silver side skirt surrounding the body and optional black roof
    • N Line exclusives include dual exhaust pipes, N Brand gear shift lever, N Line metal pedals and optional dedicated 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Wheels:

    • ICE/HEV
      • 16-inch steel wheels with 205/65 R16 tyres
      • 16-inch alloy wheels with 205/65 R16 tyres
      • 17-inch alloy wheels with 215/60 R17 tyres
      • 18-inch alloy wheels with 215/55 R18 tyres
      • 18-inch dedicated alloy wheels with 215/55 R18 tyres – N Line
    • EV
      • 17-inch alloy wheels (B Type) with 215/60 R17 tyres
      • 19-inch alloy wheels (only 65.4 kWh) with 235/45 R19 tyres
      • 19-inch alloy wheels (only 65.4 kWh) with 235/45 R19 tyres – N Line
  • Other notable features:
    • The unique colours of the all-new Kona were inspired by diverse lifestyles and energy, as well as materials developed for customer convenience
    • This model brings multiple new combinations of colours and materials
    • The ICE version comes in ten visually exciting exterior colours:
      • Denim Blue Pearl (HME launch colour)
      • Mirage Green (global launch colour)
      • Abyss Black Pearl
      • Atlas White
      • Serenity White Pearl
      • Cyber Grey Metallic
      • Shimmering Silver Metallic
      • Ecotronic Grey Pearl
      • Meta Blue Pearl
      • Amazon Grey Metallic
      • Ultimate Red
    • The HEV exterior colours include:
      • Denim Blue Pearl (HME launch colour)
      • Mirage Green (global launch colour)
      • Abyss Black Pearl
      • Atlas White Solid
      • Cyber Grey Metallic
      • Ecotronic Grey Pearl
      • Meta Blue Pearl
      • Soultronic Orange Pearl
      • Ultimate Red
    • The EV model has a choice of 11 bold colours:
      • Shimmering Silver Metallic
      • Serenity White Pearl
      • Abyss Black Pearl
      • Atlas White Solid
      • Ecotronic Grey Pearl
      • Engine Red Solid
      • Meta Blue Pearl (Launch Colour for Europe)
      • Jupiter Orange Metallic
      • Ultimate Red Metallic
      • Sailing Blue Pearl
      • Cypress Green Pearl
    • The N Line version is complimented by 12 dynamic colours:
      • Abyss Black
      • Atlas White
      • Cyber Grey
      • Serenity White Pearl
      • Ecotronic Grey
      • Mirage Green
      • Ultimate Red
      • Meta Blue
      • Denim Blue
      • Shooting Star Grey Matte
      • Engine Red Solid
      • Sailing Blue Pearl
    • All models are available in a two-tone combination
    • The colour palette depends on the production plant in which the model was manufactured

EV-specific design elements

  • Pixelated Seamless Horizon front and rear Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)
  • Futuristic and simple lower bumper design and Pixel graphics on the intake grille
  • Flush pixel details on the rear bumper
  • Black embracing line
  • Aerodynamic side sill
  • Rugged, yet simple & clean body-coloured wheel arch design
  • 19-inch alloy wheel design that resemble Pixels

ICE / HEV-specific design elements

  • Seamless Horizon (Centre) Lamp DRLs
  • Futuristic SUV-like design elements on the front (three-dimensional garnish and skid plate), instead of a radiator grille
  • Bold and rugged skid plate design
  • Contrasting black cladding, side molding, and bumper (optional)
  • Eco-friendly paint consisting of ~20% of waste tyres (standard: plastic without paint)
  • Rugged and bold contrasting wheel arch design (black)
  • Upper (ICE + HEV) and lower (HEV) active air flaps (AAF) for an aerodynamic/drag coefficient improvement

N Line-specific design elements

  • More aggressive and sporty front and rear design
  • Wing-shaped lower bumper design to emphasise sporty image
  • Twin exhaust pipes
  • Black side mirror
  • Black roof (optional)
  • Add-on wing-type spoiler for better aerodynamic performance and to accentuate high-performance image (optional)
  • Silver side skirt surrounding the lower body creates lower stance and emphasises high-performance image
  • Metal pedals
  • N-brand gear shift (TGS) lever
  • 19-inch alloy wheels, N Line exclusive design (optional)

Interior design

  • Hyundai further developed the experience elements in the all-new Kona to embrace a wider range of lifestyles and offer enhanced comfort in a flexible and modular interior living space
  • Driver-centric architecture incorporates smart design for maximum access, usability and control
  • The Curve-less Bench Seats in the rear row offer a different experience, maximum usability, comfort, and convenience
  • The extended sunroof can be opened for a more pleasant in-car experience
  • Interior colours
    • Standard
      • Black monotone
      • Grey two-tone (HEV & EV main interior colour)
      • Sage Green and Black
    • Colour Package
      • Sage Green and Black with lime accents
    • N Line
      • Black monotone with red accents (N Line exclusive)
        • Two seats available: N Line Cloth or Eco Alcantara & Leather
        • Eco Alcantara® R-EVOlution® uses recycled PET
        • Over 65 per cent of recycled raw material on total weight
    • Eco Package
      • Fossil Grey (Kona Electric exclusive)
  • Eco Package sustainable materials
    • Headlining: recycled PET
    • Steering wheel: Bio-paint
    • Seats: Eco leather
    • BCF floor carpet: recycled PET


  • The all-new Kona provides 466 litres of cargo space, 105 litres (30 percent) more than the previous generation Kona
  • The ICE and HEV variants offer a maximum towing capacity of 1,300 kg (trailer braked) and 600 kg (trailer unbraked); the EV variant offers a maximum towing capacity of 750 kg (trailer braked and trailer unbraked)
  • The fully foldable 40:20:40 second-row seats offer better cargo space and modularity; when fully folded, cargo space increases to 1,300 litres
  • Kona also provides the best-in-class interior space with 60 mm longer wheelbase length, 77 mm longer leg room and 11 mm higher headroom in the second-row seats, compared to the previous generation
  • Second-row shoulder room is 1,402 mm, also the largest in its class, providing the best habitability in ‘living space’ for passengers
  • Kona offers 970 mm of rear legroom; the EV version offers 925 mm
  • Kona offers 1,013 mm of rear headroom. With the extended openable sunroof, passengers have 974 mm of headroom
  • Kona’s slim first-row relaxation seats, which are only 85 mm thick – 30 mm slimmer compared to those in the previous model – add more living space for second-row passengers and are optimised for ‘weightless’ body pressure distribution to help alleviate fatigue after long-haul driving (optional)
  • The column-type electric shift-by-wire gear selector set behind the steering wheel creates an open, clean console structure that allows more space for belongings and a neat interior appearance
  • Extended storage options include an open centre console with armrest and cup holders, front and rear bottle holders and individual modular storage options
  • Customisable Smart Power Tailgate opening
    • Drivers can adjust the maximum opening height and speed of the tailgate on the infotainment system screen, as well as by pressing the close button for three seconds at the preferred height of the tailgate

Smart Sense and safety

  • The second-generation Kona is equipped with the next level of Hyundai Smart Sense™ advanced driver assistance system features, ensuring the highest levels of safety and convenience on the road:
    • Driver Status Monitor (DSM)
      • The DSM system uses an in-cabin camera to analyse the driver’s face and, in the event of carelessness, alert them
    • Blind-spot View Monitor (BVM)
      • Cluster display shows blind spot on lane change
        • When the driver signals a lane change with the turn signal, an alert is issued to warn about the risk of collision regarding vehicles in the blind spot
        • If necessary, braking is automatically applied to prevent a collision
    • Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)
      • This smart function aids drivers to get in and out of parking spaces remotely
        • A press of the smart key button moves the vehicle forwards or backwards
        • EV and HEV-only feature
    • Standard ADAS equipment
      • Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA 1.5) – Sensor Fusion
        • Detects stopping or slowing vehicles and obstacles
        • Assists in braking on risk of collision
        • Identifies vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists
        • With junction turning function
      • Smart Cruise Control (SCC) / Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC)
      • Highway Driving Assist (HDA 1.5)
        • Keeps vehicle in lane, assesses environment
        • Maintains a safe distance and driving speed
        • Level 2 autonomous driving
      • Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA)
      • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Lane Following Assist (LFA)
      • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA)
      • Driver Attention Warning (DAW)
      • High Beam Assist (HBA)
      • Lead Vehicle Departure Alert (LVDA)
      • Parking Distance Warning (PDW) Front/Rear
  • For safe-assured parking, the all-new Kona provides:
    • Surround View Monitor (SVM)
      • Displays surround view in High Definition and digital feeds for safe parking
    • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)
    • Forward/Side/Reverse Parking Distance Warning (PDW)
    • Forward/Side/Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA)
      • Gives warning and applies brakes on collision risk while parking
  • Additional safety features:
    • Seven airbags
  • The EV variant offers additional safety features:
    • Forward Collision-avoidance Assist 2.0 (FCA 2.0)
      • FCA 2.0 provides additional functions such as:
        • Evasive Steering
        • Junction Crossing
        • Lane Change Oncoming
        • Lane Change Side Lane
    • Highway Driving Assist 2.0 (HDA 2.0)
      • Multi-functional HDA helps drivers maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and assists by overtaking vehicles in front


  • An update from the previous generation Kona, the all-new Kona includes innovative technologies for an advanced digital experience
  • With Digital Key 2 Touch, users can hold their Apple, Google Pixel or Samsung smartphone to lock, unlock and start the all-new Kona
    • This is the first version (NFC-based) of the digital key that can be shared with up to three other users
    • Surround View Monitor (SVM) shows the vehicle from various viewpoints, including top view, as well as zoom in/out for the front, rear, left, and right of the car
  • Seven-speaker Bose Premium Sound System plus subwoofer, tuned by Bose engineers, to deliver a rich and immersive acoustic experience
  • Two USB-C chargers (including one with data support) and a 12V power outlet in the front, as well as two USB-C chargers in the back, alongside rear air vents
  • Wireless fast charging pad located in the centre console offers up to 15W performance
  • Amazon Music in-car streaming debuting with all-new Kona EV model, letting drivers enjoy music without extra data costs
  • In-car streaming extends to all-new Kona ICE/HEV, with voice command coming later
  • Bluelink® Connect app can now show the EV charging power and the average energy consumption per trip
  • The all-new Kona will be the first Hyundai model to apply the new Connected Car Navigation Cockpit (ccNC) for a fully digital experience of the cluster and infotainment screens
    • It incorporates a dual 12.3-inch screen panoramic display, comprising a 12.3-inch cluster seamlessly integrated alongside the 12.3-inch infotainment screen, to give drivers a fully digital experience
    • Connected Car Navigation Cockpit (ccNC) provides advanced graphics and perfect unity among the vehicle’s displays
    • It is also equipped with the latest version of Hyundai’s connectivity technology, Bluelink® connected car services. This includes:
      • Hyundai’s Connected Car services use telematics to transfer real-time data, such as online navigation, with connected routing and live traffic information, as well as real-time parking updates including price information, local fuel and charging station information, and live sports information
      • Bluelink® connects drivers to their cars through their smartphones via the Bluelink App, which enhances their driving experience and makes life on the road more comfortable, convenient and safe
      • Bluelink® connected car services can also be controlled via online voice recognition
      • The app’s features allow customers to check the status of their vehicle, as well as offering a control mode function to make it easy for them to keep track of their car and send remote commands anytime, from anywhere

Over-The-Air updates and Features on Demand

  • Customers can always enjoy the latest features and improved performance with continuous Over-the-Air (OTA) updates
    • Control unit
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) updates
    • To be provided for every system in the car
    • Improves performance
    • Customers can always enjoy the latest features with continuous updates
  • Control unit/maintenance updates (recall campaigns)
    • Fast notification and recall
    • Improves response speed to quality issues
    • Remote nature of updates more convenient for Kona customers
  • All-new Kona is the first Hyundai model ready to enable Features on Demand (FoD) functionality
    • Will offer new features and apps for easy download during lifecycle
  • Infotainment Map and Software Update
    • Elevates connected car user experience by providing the latest navigation and infotainment updates to customers (always up-to-date)
  • The all-new Kona’s OTA and FoD technologies will enable:
    • Improved response to customer service support
    • Improved performance through continuous updates
    • Improved residual value support through additional features
    • Improved user experience by elevating connectivity systems

EV-specific features

  • The EV variants of the all-new Kona offer even more features for improved customer centricity:
    • To express Kona EV’s unique presence, this is the first time Hyundai has merged Seamless Horizon Lamp Daylight Running Lights (DRLs) with Pixels
    • Heated charge door
      • Thanks to the heating system, the charge door cover won’t get frozen in winter
    • e-Active Sound Design (e-ASD)
      • Creates a virtual sound for EVs
      • Technology that makes EVs more friendly to people around
      • Optimum sound is added to the cabin, considering variables such as the vehicle’s driving speed, torque state of the motor and acceleration
      • Drivers can control the volume and customise the sound in the cabin
    • Projection Head-up Display (HUD)
      • The most relevant information for drivers is projected on the windscreen (e.g. speed of vehicle, speed limit, etc.)
      • This allows drivers to process information quickly while keeping their attention on the road ahead
    • Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)
      • With bi-directional on-board charging it is possible to power any device or charge electrical equipment
    • i-PEDAL
      • The new i-PEDAL enables a driving mode that allows drivers to accelerate, decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal
    • Smart Regenerative System
      • The Smart Regenerative System automatically adjusts the amount of regenerative braking based on information from forward traffic flow
    • Battery conditioning
      • The new battery conditioning feature will enable Kona Electric to automatically adapt its battery temperature while travelling to ensure optimal charging conditions when reaching the charging point control of pre-conditioning is managed through navigation system
    • Plug & Charge
      • Verification and charging takes place immediately upon charging cable connection, and payment is made automatically upon completion of charging, for convenient and fast charging
    • EV Route Planner
      • When entering a destination, the navigation automatically suggests and select EV charging points on the route. In addition, the system will update route and charging stop recommendations dynamically
    • Forward Collision-avoidance Assist 2.0 (FCA 2.0)
      • FCA 2.0 provides additional functions such as:
        • Evasive Steering
        • Junction Crossing
        • Lane Change Oncoming
        • Lane Change Side Lane
    • Highway Driving Assist 2.0 (HDA 2.0)
      • Multi-functional HDA helps drivers maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and assists by overtaking vehicles in front


  • The all-new Kona will be positioned at the higher end of the B-SUV segment in terms of dimensions
  • Compared to the previous generation, the second-generation Kona has been increased in every dimension thanks to the K3 platform
  • Cargo space has been improved by 30 per cent to ensure best in class capacity


  • All-new Kona ICE/HEV: 4,350 mm
  • All-new Kona EV: 4,355 mm
  • N Line: 4,385 mm


  • All-new Kona ICE/HEV: 1,825 mm
  • All-new Kona EV: 1,825 mm
  • N Line: 1,825 mm


  • All-new Kona ICE/HEV: 1,570 mm (equipped with 17-inch tires)
  • All-new Kona EV: 1,575 mm
  • N Line: 1,580 mm


  • All-new Kona ICE/HEV: 2,660 mm
  • All-new Kona EV: 2,660 mm
  • N Line: 2,660 mm


  • The all-new Kona will offer the widest range of powertrains in the B-SUV segment
  • It will be offered with battery-electric, mild and full hybrid and ICE powertrains


  • 1.0 T-GDi
    • kW (PS): 88 (120)
    • Torque (combined): 200 Nm
  • 1.6 T-GDi
    • kW (PS): 146 (198)
    • Torque (combined): 265 Nm


  • 1.6 T-GDi
    • kW (PS): 104 (141)
    • Torque (combined): 265 Nm

EV 400V

  • 48.4 kWh
    • kW (PS): 114.6 (156)
    • Torque (combined): 255 Nm
  • 65.4 kWh
    • kW (PS): 160 (218)
    • Torque (combined): 255 Nm


  • The all-new Kona will be available in the second half 2023.
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