Fujitsu Hires Amelia to Power Its Intelligent Automation Platform

Oct 26, 2022

As a leading service provider, Amelia will help Fujitsu transform its customers’ services, improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

Amelia, a leading Enterprise Conversational AI software company, today announced that Fujitsu, a top 10 global IT service provider, has deployed Amelia as the cornerstone of its Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP).

Using the benefits of Amelia’s Conversational AI integrated with AIOps and orchestration, Fujitsu is taking advantage of this unique platform to transform its customer delivery as well as creating innovative solutions for industry. The face of this service is Emi — its new digital associate, capable of understanding requests in natural language and empowered to take direct action on them. She is underpinned by the powerful Amelia platform integrated into the Intelligent Automation Platform to automate workflows end-to-end — whether initiated by employees, customers, events, incidents or projects.

Starting from an initial deployment in Oceania, Amelia is now being deployed globally as Fujitsu’s primary digital support channel for its 130,000 employees, in addition to transforming the multi-channel experience for its customers. Whether to support IT needs or drive a digital engagement for business, Fujitsu has found Amelia has the flexibility to meet its needs.

Driven from an automation-first mindset, where employees are encouraged to offload mundane, repetitive tasks with AIOps allowing them to take on more fulfilling work worthy of human attention, Amelia will enable Fujitsu to deliver automation at pace for its customers.

Tatiana Kovalchuk, Head of Automation Centre of Excellence, said: “Fujitsu is committed to increasing employee satisfaction by enabling our employees to focus on more creative and high-value work that ultimately benefits our clients. By hiring Amelia, we can now support our employees with user-friendly, end-to-end automation, relieving them from repetitive and routine tasks. We can generate those same benefits and more for customers by placing Amelia at the heart of our Intelligent Automation strategy, allowing us to scale at pace.”

Chetan Dube, CEO of Amelia, said: “Digital employees, powered by Conversational AI, release human creativity from the confines of repetitive tasks, enabling human employees to reach their full potential and businesses to grow. As an industry leader, Fujitsu recognizes the importance of enhancing employee experiences by empowering its human staff. We are thrilled that Amelia’s success with providing internal support has led to Amelia playing a central role in Fujitsu’s Intelligent Automation Platform, allowing us to innovate with customers together.”

About Amelia
Amelia combines the ability to address a variety of use cases — including customer service, HR support, marketing, and IT helpdesk — with its ability to function across channels, including voice, thereby providing customers with an [Intelligent Virtual Agent] solution fit for multiple business needs.