DataRobot Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide MLOps Platforms 2022 Vendor Assessment

Dec 6, 2022

Report notes DataRobot’s ease-of-use and consolidated MLOps reporting interface as key differentiators

AI leader DataRobot today announced it has been recognized as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide MLOps Platforms 2022 Vendor Assessment. The report cited ease of use with point-and-click interfaces, clear transparency and reproducibility, and the DataRobot unified MLOps reporting interface as key strengths that make DataRobot stand out in the Leader category.

According to the report, users should “consider DataRobot for machine learning operations if your organization needs a consolidated view of machine learning models across model development tools and deployment environments.”

“A capable leader in the machine learning market, DataRobot has made MLOps a first class citizen in its platform, giving users everything they need to scale AI and offering one place to manage all your models running in production,” said Dave Schubmehl, Research Vice President, IDC. “This makes DataRobot a great choice for organizations that need broad and deep capabilities for a mix of personas managing large portfolios of models across a diverse set of frameworks.”

The report noted that Trusted AI is enabled in the DataRobot AI platform through prediction explanations, humility rules, and bias and fairness monitoring, allowing users to apply custom actions based on triggers such as suspect data or uncertain predictions. Other key areas of strength recognized in the report include:

  • Ease of Use – DataRobot MLOps augments much of the machine learning development process. Automatic monitoring records the performance history of models in production and manages model replacements, while automated compliance documentation provides greater efficiency and governance to all models, even those built outside of DataRobot. Point-and-click interfaces drive the activation of most of the MLOps capabilities.
  • Consolidated MLOps Reporting Interface – DataRobot MLOps provides a single pane of glass management console for testing, viewing, monitoring, and governing model deployments, displaying information in easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and alerts.

“Today’s organizations are using MLOps to address complex and critical business problems and we are proud to offer a comprehensive and easy-to-implement set of capabilities to integrate ML into their business-critical workflows and applications,” said Venky Veeraraghavan, SVP of Product, DataRobot. “We have made significant investments in our MLOps capabilities to enable data scientists, software engineers, IT, and governance professionals to collaborate in order to realize the value of machine learning in production. We’re honored to be recognized by IDC as a leader in its inaugural Worldwide MLOps Platforms vendor assessment.”

The Worldwide MLOps 2022 Platforms Vendor assessment measured 13 businesses across 10 categories aligned to strategy and capability factors including functionality, growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. IDC analysts base vendor scores and positions on detailed surveys and interviews with the vendors, publicly available information, and end-user experiences.

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