ASUS Wins Record-Setting 15 Accolades at Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2023

Gadget Time / Press Releases / ASUS | Aug 10, 2023

Award wins spanned multiple categories, including Packaging Design, UI/UX Design, Advertisement Campaigns, and more

Record number of wins: ASUS wins 15 awards at the prestigious Red Dot Awards: Brands & Communication Design 2023
Awards captured in eight categories: Award categories include Digital Solutions, Film & Animation, Packaging Design, and Interface & User Experience
Focus on user-centric design: Award wins bolster the ASUS commitment to Design Thinking, fusing creativity, innovation, and user-centricity

ASUS today announced that it has won a record-setting 15 awards, which will be formally presented at the Red Dot Award: Brand and Communication Design 2023 ceremony to be held in the Konzerthaus in Berlin later this year on November 3.

Accolades spanned multiple categories, including Digital Solutions, Film & Animation, Packaging Design, and Interface & User Experience. This outstanding achievement adds to a record set by ASUS earlier this year when it won an unprecedented 44 honors at Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023. Each award is validation of the ASUS Design Thinking methodology, which emphasizes the user while pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Companies across the globe are invited to participate in the Red Dot Awards competition, during which an expert panel of judges meticulously assess entries based on product design and creative performance. For the Brands category, the jury evaluates vision and brand values, design and brand communication, as well as brand identity and differentiation. Meanwhile, in the Communication Design segment, core criteria include originality and creativity, design quality and innovation, as well as comprehensibility and emotional significance.

ASUS Chief Design Officer, Mitch Yang, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, attributing the success to the team’s relentless dedication to pushing ASUS innovation and design to new heights. “Witnessing our team achieve such an extraordinary number of accolades across diverse categories is truly exhilarating,” says Yang. “Our unwavering commitment to crafting insightful products, emphasizing both design and user experience, has propelled us to this remarkable success.”

Digital Solutions

Winner – The Pinnacle of Performance ASUS PC Launch Event: An event featuring ASUS’s latest laptop designs for diverse creator needs, presented through real-life scenarios and interactive sessions, highlighting the innovation of ASUS laptops.

Winner – ProArt Creative Solution- Color Management: An innovative feature enhancing color-creation workflows for creators, providing comprehensive color information, curated trends, and various tools for precise adjustments and cross-platform consistency


Winner – 2022 ASUS The Pinnacle of Performance Launch Event at Burj Khalifa: A groundbreaking event showcasing new Zenbook laptops with real-life scenarios and interactive sessions with creators at Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

Interface & User Experience Design

Winner – ASUS Handheld Ultrasound Solution LU800: A portable ultrasound solution with an intuitive UI, offering real-time viewing of high-quality imagery and medical measurements via the MediConnect app.

Winner – ROG Phone 7 Unboxing Experience: An interactive unboxing process using NFC technology, simulating piloting a spaceship, with AirTriggers side virtual buttons and immersive 3D surround-sound effects.

Winner – Zenfone 9 – ZenTouch: A one-handed-friendly design with a central ZenTouch button, providing quick and ergonomic access to various phone functions, customizable shortcuts, and excellent tactile feel.

Winner – ROG Phone – Armoury Crate: A gaming center app for ROG phones, synchronizing with hardware devices, offering advanced game function settings, and providing immersive feedback for an excellent gaming experience.

Winner – ROG Phone – Game Genie: A game assistant for mobile gamers, offering performance information, assistive features, and an intuitive panel layout, enhancing player efficiency and delivering an immersive gaming experience.


Winner – ASUS Expert Campaign Website: A well-designed campaign website for the ASUS Expert series, showcasing its professional-grade features and functionalities, catering to business users’ needs.

Sound Design

Winner – ASUS Sonic Brand: An impressive sonic brand identity representing ASUS, creating a unique and recognizable sound experience across various products and communications.

Packaging Design

Winner – ASUS Zenbook S Packaging Design: An elegant and functional packaging design for the ASUS Zenbook S, reflecting the premium nature of the product while protecting it during transit.

Winner – ROG Phone 7 Ultimate Packaging Design: A visually striking and practical packaging design for the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, enhancing the unboxing experience and showcasing the product’s gaming prowess.

Film & Animation

Winner – 2023 ROG Flow X13 Product Video: A captivating video showcasing the features and capabilities of the ROG Flow X13 laptop, demonstrating its exceptional gaming and creative performance.

Winner – ASUS Chromebook Campaign Video: An engaging video campaign promoting the ASUS Chromebook, highlighting its features and benefits for users in various settings and tasks.

Winner – ROG G22CH Product Video: An exciting video presentation showcasing the powerful features and design of the ROG G22CH desktop gaming PC, appealing to gaming enthusiasts.

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