ASUS Wins Corporate Health Responsibility Gold Award from Common Health Magazine

Dec 13, 2022

ASUS Wins Corporate Health Responsibility Gold Award from Common Health Magazine

Magazine. ASUS were picked from a group of 200 companies, which were nominated for the award. The win is further validation of the company’s commitment to promoting the management of its employees’ physical and mental health as well as deeply integrating ESG for Health programs across the company.

ASUS continues to focus on its people-centric approach to its employees and its business. Providing comprehensive care to its employees is just one of the many actions that the company has taken to improve the lives of its workers.

ASUS has spent millions of dollars on health facilities for its employees, including swimming pools, courts, gyms, and the hiring of 14 professional fitness trainers. In addition, there are 57 sports associations active in the company. “ASUS has spared no effort in taking care of its employees.” ASUS COO and Corporate Senior Vice President Joe Hsieh said. “We advocate the integration of sports into daily life and encourage our colleagues to live a healthy life together.”

About the Award: Currently in its fourth year, the CHR-Corporate Health Responsibility awards ceremony is held by Common Health Magazine, a monthly health magazine published in Taiwan. This year’s CHR awards were divided into four groups according to the number of employees at the company (more than 5,000/1,000-5,000/500-1,000/less than 500). Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards are awarded to each group based on the performance of their corporate health programs.

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