ASUS Introduces Smart Healthcare Solutions at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan

Gadget Time / Press Releases / ASUS | Dec 2, 2022

ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih gave a keynote on December 1 entitled Healthcare 4.0: The Way to Realize Future Care at the 5th MedTex Summit Asia 2022 during the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo, where he highlighted the company’s current progress and roadmap for enabling the next generation of smart healthcare.

The pandemic has reshaped the global medical system, accelerating the importance of smart healthcare. ASUS has long been invested in this domain and has been building a Smart Healthcare Cyber-Physical System (CPS) to lead the way in enabling next generation inter-hospital smart healthcare. Using a three-tier architecture comprised of Intelligent Digital Infrastructure, Intelligent Digital Health Platforms, and Intelligent Healthcare Applications, the ASUS Smart Healthcare CPS enables precision health, virtual care, and hospital resilience, while also creating a more lean and agile smart medical system.

At the same time, ASUS booth showcased a wide range of offerings themed at ASUS Smart Healthcare, driving digital transformation including the ASUS VivoWatch™ 5 AERO health bracelet, ASUS MH3281A clinical monitor, EndoAim AI endoscopy system, speech-to-text medical voice recognition service, and tele-healthcare solutions. Together, these technologies serve to address the Community Health Management, Precision Health, and Telemedicine trends that drive the digitalization of Taiwan’s medical institutions.

In recent years, ASUS has continued to focus on AI forward-looking algorithms, rooted in strong software and hardware integration capabilities, to assist medical diagnosis and improve the operational efficiency and overall quality of Taiwan’s healthcare providers. Today, ASUS has over 20 hospital partners in Taiwan, including the Gandau Future Hospital (Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital), the first to feature advanced cloud-based medical record system.

Community health management: iHARP platform

According to the National Development Council, Taiwan will have a super-aged society in 2026, with an elderly population of 4.88 million people, or roughly 20.6% of the population. To cater to the expected demand for community healthcare, ASUS, Gandau Hospital, and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University co-developed iHARP (Healthy Aging & Rejuvenation Platform). The platform collects and analyzes data from all settings, such as EMR in hospitals, daily vital signs, activity patterns from wearable devices, together with other digital biomarkers. AIoT devices and AI algorithms also assist hospitals in managing community health and contributes to digital transformation from community hospital to future hospital.

The platform can also use speech-to-text medical voice-recognition services to instantaneously record patient notes, enabling medical professionals to focus on patient consultations. This reduces doctors’ or nurses’ administrative loads, improving hospital efficiency. The service uses AI deep learning to improve algorithms and refine its medical vocabulary database, and can even recognize regional accents and grammar for accurate record keeping. All this information is stored in a secure private cloud to ensure patient confidentiality and privacy.

Precision health: Imaging powered by AI

ASUS has developed several AI-assisted solutions, including the EndoAim (AI Endoscopy System) that was recently certified by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration. EndoAim has a polyp detection sensitivity exceeding 95%, and 97% specificity, to assist physicians and improve colonoscopy inspection quality.

The ASUS MH3281A Clinical Monitor made its debut at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan. This 31.5-inch clinical display is compatible with DICOM Part 14, IEC 60601, ISO 13485, and other international standards. Its Pure RGB OLED display has an anti-glare and low reflection (AGLR) coating to reduce reflections, enabling medical staff to accurately interpret x-rays, ultrasounds, and other medical imagery even after long working hours.

The upcoming ASUS VivoWatch 5 AERO medical bracelet packs innovative health functions into a lightweight body, providing the wearer with one-touch heart-rate and pulse wave index measurements at any time, enabling them to better manage their health.

The portable LU700 series is a wireless, lightweight ultrasound device that enables medical professionals to perform ultrasound scans together with a mobile app for convenient diagnosis in the hospital or on-site.

Telemedicine: ASUS Tele-Healthcare solution

The ASUS Tele-Healthcare solution collects patients’ self-measurements, and sends the relevant data to the hospital information system securely through the cloud, allowing medical professionals to monitor and assess patients’ conditions remotely. A video consult can also be done through the ASUS Tele-Healthcare solution, if needed. The entire process is contactless, greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection in the hospital, and effectively reduces the daily work hours of nurses by 12.5%.

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