ASUS and GE Healthcare Team Up to Build Taiwan’s First Cloud-Based Medical Imaging Service

Jan 10, 2023

ASUS cloud services and the GE Healthcare AW Server system combine to create DicomCloud, an advanced cloud-based 3D medical imaging service
DicomCloud uses the TWS AIHPC supercomputer, ASUS cloud storage services, and GE Healthcare’s AW Server to provide advanced cloud-based 3D medical imaging services
New solution enables a hierarchical medical system guiding lower-priority patients to primary care facilities and more severe cases to medical centers

ASUS today announced a strategic partnership with GE Healthcare to create DicomCloud—Taiwan’s first cloud-based medical imaging service. DicomCloud will leverage Taiwan Web Service Corporation (TWS) and Artificial Intelligence High-Performance Computing (AIHPC) supercomputer, ASUS cloud service infrastructure, and the GE Healthcare AW Server system to provide advanced 3D medical imaging services for Taiwan medical institutions. The service can be integrated in clinical facilities at all levels to boost primary healthcare services, creating a hierarchical system in which lower-priority patients are directed to primary care while more severe cases are transferred to medical centers. DicomCloud is fully compatible with ASUS AIoT medical displays, smart health wearables, and portable ultrasound devices.

ʺThe recent epidemic has accelerated medical transformation, and according to Data Bridge Market Research, medical imaging and AI will have a double-digit compound growth rate, with output value expected to reach US$265 billion in 2026,ʺ said Fu Rong Huang, GE Healthcare Greater China Vice-President. ʺThe cooperation between ASUS Group and GE Healthcare combines the strengths of both parties, from cloud imaging to AI processing, as fully demonstrated through ASUS AIoT products.ʺ

The medical imaging service provided by DicomCloud will enable medical institutions to diagnose patients in real time, and assist hospitals in creating cloud-native healthcare services. It will also enable Taiwan’s national health insurance landscape to develop steadily, improve the capabilities of smart medical services, and move the country’s healthcare system into a new digital era.

ʺGE Healthcare has long been deeply involved in medical imaging and diagnosis, IT, patient monitoring systems, contrast media, and other fields, with extensive experience in the global market,ʺ said ASUS Cloud and TWS CEO Peter Wu. ʺThrough this collaboration, ASUS cloud technology, combined with the Healthcare AW Server medical imaging system and AI platform, will provide medical centers and clinics with advanced medical imaging services through the cloud.ʺ

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