ASUS and Freedom Systems Cooperate on Device-as-a-Service Technology

Gadget Time / Press Releases / ASUS | Jan 16, 2023

Alliance will see integration of managed services, cloud applications, information-security and client-management tools to create new business-enabling DaaS solutions

  • Empowering business future: DaaS cooperation will minimize maintenance, create integrated solutions and maximize satisfaction and productivity
  • Primary targets: Taiwan and broader Southeast Asian territories are initial markets for ASUS and Future Systems’ collaboration

ASUS today announced an alliance with Freedom Systems to comprehensively connect devices, cloud services, information security and IT technologies to create an all-in-one Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering.

As the business world transitions to a post-pandemic paradigm, the hybrid-office model has become the new normal for many. However, in embracing the concept of digital offices enterprises must face three significant device-management challenges.

First, modern companies need to find ways to minimize long-term maintenance costs for devices issued to staff, or used as infrastructure. Second, it is vital to ensure the smooth integration of hardware, cloud services, firmware updates and software. Third, and not least, firms managing a hybrid workplace must seek ways to maximize both user satisfaction and productivity.

By partnering, ASUS and Freedom Systems aim to address all three challenges — delivering DaaS options that will bolster cross-field technical workforce of enterprises and improve the efficiency of information management.

Empowering business future by leveraging the benefits of DaaS

The business PC market is no longer limited to hardware specifications. Enterprise end users are also gradually paying attention to user experience, information security issues and value-added offerings, such as software services.

The alliance with Freedom Systems will bring new opportunities to the ASUS DaaS business market through its rich subscription-based hosting experience and maintenance technology. For its part, Freedom Systems expects to condense the managed-service experience and transform it into the innovation momentum of the DaaS business model, aiming to become the IT extension department of global enterprises.

Commenting on the new alliance Benson Lin, Corporate Vice President at ASUS, said: “The commercial computer market is no longer limited to hardware comparisons. Enterprise users paying closer attention to aspects like user experience and information security, not to mention software services. With ASUS Design Thinking as the core, our cooperation with Freedom Systems will rapidly solve the needs of our commercial customer — and will become a key strategy for the future of our commercial ecosystem.”

Technology Incorporation General Manager for ASUS, Jose Lia, added: “The commercial computer market is bullish, and we see an increase in enterprise demand for IT resources. After allying with Freedom Systems through its subscription-based managed service and experience, combined with software, hardware and firmware, ASUS will bring new opportunities to the DaaS business market. This will enable us to establish a longer-term and closer cooperative relationships with customers.”

Taiwan and Southeast Asian territories targeted

The ASUS and Freedom Systems alliance will begin by targeting Taiwan and the wider Southeast Asian market, where communication needs and business opportunities are burgeoning — and we expect our joint progress to set a new business milestone during 2023.

Expanding on the thoughts of his ASUS counterparts, Freedom Systems CEO, Hank Yu, said: “Enterprises are actively implementing digital transformation, from simply purchasing function-oriented hardware to introducing result-oriented services. The value of professional services lies in how to help enterprises create tailor-made complete device integration solutions. Since the cloud-managed services are not limited by location, the DaaS business model has great flexibility and can be quickly implemented in the global market.”

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