Arrival of the first Avenio M in Ulm 10 months ahead of the announced delivery date

Oct 5, 2022

Twelve Siemens Mobility trams have been in service in Ulm since 2018. A further six vehicles have been reordered and the first Avenio M will be put on the rails this week – around 10 months ahead of the announced delivery date.

“We are currently experiencing delivery delays in all areas – which makes us all the more pleased that Siemens is able to deliver the first vehicle not only on time, but even earlier than announced,” says a delighted Ralf Gummersbach, Managing Director of SWU Verkehr. The remaining five trams will be delivered to Ulm successively, probably by April 2023.

“We are very pleased to be able to deliver the Avenio M to Ulm much earlier than planned. This gives SWU a head start in expanding local transport in Ulm and making it more climate-friendly. The Avenio M is an innovative vehicle that impresses with its reliability and a particularly high level of passenger comfort,” says Julia Fischer, Head of Light Rail & VAL.

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