Amelia Hired by NN Group as an Intelligent Virtual Agent for Customer Care

Gadget Time / Press Releases / AMELIA | Mar 17, 2022

The financial services company hired Amelia to handle customer requests end-to-end and enhance self-service.

Amelia, a leading Enterprise Conversational AI software company, today announced that NN Group (NN), an international financial services company, has hired Amelia as a customer care intelligent virtual agent. NN employs approx. 15,000 people and provides approx. 18 million global customers with retirement, pension, insurance, investment and banking services.

The AI solution of Amelia enables scalable, personalized and user-friendly customer self-service to make it easier for customers to resolve their issues, as well as reduce contact center traffic. Amelia’s Natural Language Understanding prowess, ability to understand human emotion, and extensive integration and omnichannel capabilities made her the ideal Conversational AI platform.

Jeroen de Haas, Sales Director at Amelia, said: “With Amelia, customers receive personalized resolutions in real-time, eliminating the need to communicate with basic chatbots or wait on hold for extended periods for human assistance. We look forward to working with NN Group to expand Amelia’s role throughout the company and transform customer experiences across all channels.”

About Amelia
Amelia combines the ability to address a variety of use cases — including customer service, HR support, marketing, and IT helpdesk — with its ability to function across channels, including voice, thereby providing customers with an [Intelligent Virtual Agent] solution fit for multiple business needs.