Amelia Announces the Launch of What’s Next, a New Hybrid Seminar Series

The first session, What’s Next in Conversational AI, will take place on Thursday, September 9 at 4pm ET.

Amelia, a leading Enterprise AI company, today announced the launch of the company’s new hybrid seminar series, What’s Next. The series will focus on the latest developments in Conversational AI, Intelligent Automation and process orchestration that will have the most impact on businesses.

The first session in the series, What’s Next in Conversational AI, will take place on Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021 at 4pm ET (register for the event here).

As companies adjust to the end of “business-as-usual,” and set their sights on their post-pandemic recovery and growth, several organizations are turning to AI and automation for help. What’s Next in Conversational AI is focused on helping companies discover how Conversational AI will deliver the highest value within their organizations. The seminar will provide attendees with insights on topics such as the growing divide between simple chatbots and Conversational AI agents, the drive toward low- and no-code AI, and where Conversational AI can bring near-term value for companies looking to transform their operations and systems.

The inaugural seminar will be hosted by Amelia CEO and Founder Chetan Dube, and will include a discussion and Q&A session with Anthony Bradley, Group Vice President in Gartner’s Technology and Service Provider research practice. Bradley leads global analyst teams in their research on emerging technologies and trends that are changing today’s world, as well as shaping the future.

“Virtual Assistant and CAI technologies are rapidly advancing and transforming the way businesses operate with both customers and employees. It is crucial for organizations to understand these new developments and to integrate them into their product and services strategies,” said Anthony Bradley. “I always enjoy discussing AI with leading technology providers and I’m looking forward to exploring this topic with Chetan and seminar participants.”

“We live in exponential times. Companies are either innovating fast, or dying slowly. Amelia is regularly recognized for our ability to help customers innovate through our solutions, guidance and thought leadership,” said Chetan Dube. “Our new hybrid seminar series provides us with a unique forum to illuminate new and upcoming developments in Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation that will be of critical importance for enterprises. We know our sessions will be lively, engaging and impactful — much like Amelia herself.”

This month’s session in the hybrid seminar series will be followed by others, each with featured presenters and special guests, focused on related subject matter (seminar dates TBD):

  • What’s Next in Intelligent Process Automation: The future of true Business Process Orchestration working in conjunction with Conversational AI
  • What’s Next in Digital Transformation: How AI-related technologies are foundational to enabling the “Zero Latency” enterprise.
About Amelia
Amelia combines the ability to address a variety of use cases — including customer service, HR support, marketing, and IT helpdesk — with its ability to function across channels, including voice, thereby providing customers with an [Intelligent Virtual Agent] solution fit for multiple business needs.