A Sneak Peek at How Factories Work: The Sub Fab

Apr 5, 2023

‘Behind This Door:’ Intel’s video series shows viewers a critical level of a semiconductor factory: the sub fab.

​It is the underbelly of an Intel factory. The roots giving life to the tree above. The sub fab is full of tens of thousands of pumps, transformers, power cabinets, scrubbers, treatment systems and more — all to support the 1,200 chipmaking tools in the clean rooms directly above.

Take a sneak peek into Intel Oregon’s D1X sub fab, a nearly 700,000-square-foot seldom-seen world where you’ll see extreme ultraviolet (EUV) support machines, air shaft zones and giant pipes large enough to fit a small car.

Intel’s factories are the culmination of years of innovation by Intel and its supply chain partners and are part of Intel’s efforts to advance its longstanding commitment to sustainability.

Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) is an industry leader, creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives. Inspired by Moore’s Law, we continuously work to advance the design and manufacturing of semiconductors to help address our customers’ greatest challenges. By embedding intelligence in the cloud, network, edge and every kind of computing device, we unleash the potential of data to transform business and society for the better.
May 28, 2023