Smart Tour with Wulian at CES 2017

5 Jan 2017
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No matter if you are tech savvy or ordinary, the attraction of CES (Consumer Electronics Show®), the yearly biggest tech show worldwide, cannot be resisted, since this is where you see an entire spectrum of technology on display. This year, in CES 2017, Wulian is on deck as always, bringing new products, and unveiling end–to–end solutions applied in retail, business, service and telco.

In CES 2017, Wulian booth is organized in several sections: one part is showing Wulian Smart Home system. End-to-end system is the solid framework of Wulian Smart Home. This time, Wulian new products like Metallic Switch, Weather Proof Camera, Smart Thermostat of American HAVC Standard and others add more vitality to the system. Innovative devices — Cylincam, Mini Gateway, Door Guardian, are catching the eyeball of visitors on site. Retail section beside is showcasing easy-setup smart kits of security, lighting and others, demonstrating in a miniature of retail store.

In the section of Business, Wulian presents cooperation with Italian partner in WSAVE energy saving solution, allowing remote management of heating and cooling appliances as well as home automation to reduce at least 20% the energy consumption due to temperature management in indoor environments. Wulian also displays service support to Property Protection System partnering with Simply in water leak detection and smart security.

Keeping acute sense and being visionary, Wulian cooperates with Huawei in worldwide Smart Home projects applying solution with Huawei FTTH Modem, and also the solution with ZTE Set-Top-Box largely promote Wulian oversea marketing strategy, which manifest the comprehensive competence of Wulian in the global market and this information are shown in the Telco solution part in Wulian booth.

Wulian also has a pod in the booth of ZigBee Alliance in CES 2017. Joined the ZigBee Alliance as Promoter since 2015, Wulian is making continuous effort and actively participating in the promotion and popularization of the global standards of ZigBee technology. With enlightening movements and dedication to the industry development, Wulian takes CES 2017 as a new station setting out for a more prosperous future.

About Wulian

Wulian is a professional manufacturer and supplier for Smart Home products and solutions. Founded in 2009, Wulian has developed into the leader in Smart Home industry worldwide with advanced R&D strength, comprehensive product categories and integrated system. The current products and solutions cover a wide range including Energy-Efficient Lighting, Security Supervision, Home Appliances Management, Environmental Detection, and more. In 2015, Wulian joined the ZigBee Alliance as Promoter and Director of Board, actively participating in defining and promoting global IoT standards.

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